Why You Need A Garden Hose Reel For Your Home


If you are into gardening, you must have some sort of garden equipment with easy installation. One of the most important parts of garden equipment is a hose. The long hoses are very handy when you need to water the plants. Instead of having to fill and refill a watering pot again and again to water your garden and plants, you can use the hose and get the job done easily and in much less time.

Often people install a hose in their garden, but they aren’t too bothered about the storage of the hose. After watering the plants, they just coil it up and throw it towards a corner, leaving it wet in the dirt. Not to mention the kind of treatment your hose gets from your pets if you own any, especially dogs.

All this reduces the life span of a hose, and before you know it, you are running back to the store to get another one. That is why a good hose reel is so important. With a high-quality garden hose reel, you can store your garden hose in a better and more secure way, prolonging its life as well as keeping your garden tidy.

Here are a few more benefits of installing a stainless steel garden hose reel in your garden.

Efficient Storage Mode:

If you don’t have a hose reel in your garden, then you will either knot up the hose and throw it to a side or just leave it as it is. Both of these methods are bad, as they make your garden look untidy and can also cause damage to the hose over time.

With a garden hose reel installed, you can store your garden hose in a much more efficient and secure manner. You will always know where to find the hose if you have a garden hose reel. Lastly, with all your garden equipment in the right place, your whole garden will look much more tidy and clean.


A hose reel protects your garden hose from your pets, wild animals; and from the weather too. When you leave the hose lying around in the garden, your pets might push and bite on the shoe, which can cause leakages. Even if you don’t have pets, rats and squirrels are a common occurrence in the gardens, and they can easily bite through the hose. When you reel in the watering hose unto the wall-mount hose reel, you protect your hose from the wild animals and your pets.

Another aspect is your safety and protection. With your hose securely rolled up in the garden hose reel, you won’t have to worry about you or your family members slipping on the hose and hurting themselves accidentally. So, a good garden hose reel will not only keep your hose safe but also protect you against gardening injuries and accidents as well.


If you have a gardening area, you need to have a good quality garden hose reel. You can see the benefits of having a hose reel above for yourself. It will save you a lot of time and money and ensure your safety as well. Real gardening enthusiast always has the complete gardening equipment at their helm, and a garden hose reel is an important piece of garden equipment. 


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