How To Keep Your Lace Front Wig From Forming Tangles


Wigs usually lack the natural oil that real hair produces; therefore, they tangle more. But with proper maintenance, the wigs can be free of tangles. Furthermore, the formation of knots in your lace front wig can be a little off-putting. Therefore ensuring that your human hair lace front wigs are tangle-free is crucial. Thus, this article will inform you of six methods to use to keep your lace front wig from forming tangles.

Six methods to use to keep your lace front wig from forming tangles

1. Use proper conditioner or shampoo

The type of conditioner or shampoo you use can encourage the formation of tangles. It would be best if you avoided high ph-balance and hash chemicals shampoos on your lace front wig. 

The high ph can contribute to your hair’s damage. Furthermore, ensure that the shampoo and conditioner you use is sulfate-free. In addition, make sure to use shampoos with low PH and one made of vitamin herbs. Furthermore, it would help if you purchased a shampoo of about 4.5 to 5.5, almost the same as normal hair.

2. Proper washing process

While washing the lace front wig, do not use too much force, but rub gently in a downward motion. Also, use your fingers to comb the lace front wig in a downward motion as you clean. The critical point to note while washing your lace front wig is not to wring or squeeze it. Also, ensure to rinse off the shampoo in lukewarm running water.

3. Let the lace front wig air dry

If you rub the lace front wig as you would, your natural hair tangles may form. You can first use a towel to gently and carefully dry it, and then use a broad toothbrush to comb it from the tip to the roots. You can also place your wig on a wig stand and let it dry. The critical point to note is that you should not put a wet wig on a surface as it may form tangles.

4. Frequency of washing the lace front wig

If you don’t sleep with your wig, exercise on it, or put too much product, then you can opt to wash your lace front wig in three to five weeks. But if you wear it daily, ensure to clean it once every three weeks. Also, if you wear your wig a few times a week, you can wash it every four to five weeks.

5. Moisturizing

Moisturizing the lace front human hair wig will prevent tangles from forming.

6. Brushing the lace front wig

The best time to brush the lace front wig to protect it from tangling is while wet. Furthermore, the best brush to use for the lace front wigs is a wide toothbrush specially made for wigs. Any other brush might cause damage to your hair. Also, ensure that you do not brush the lace front wig root as it may cause damage to the hair.


Taking care of your lace front wig will ensure that it does not form any tangles. But if it does, gently removing the tangles using the right shampoo and comb will ensure that the wig stays tangles-free. Therefore, the above points will help guide you on the proper methods to keep your lace front wig free of knots.


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