How Do You Tie A Bandana Over Your Dog’s Neck?


Bandanas are a stylish and entertaining way to dress up your dog’s neck. They are available in a wide range of shades, as well as brands, and there is always bound to be one that suits yourself and your pet’s character.

These fashion pieces are a great choice if you want to style up your pup without putting on a whole wardrobe for them. They allow you to make your dog look stylish without forcing it into a cardigan or overcoat. Moreover, it only takes a couple of minutes to know how to tie a headband around a dog’s neck.

Indeed, getting the correct bandana for your dog comes down to individual taste. What kind of shade or design do you want? Do you like a headband with a clasp or hook that wraps over your dog’s chest? Etc. However, wearing the bandana over your pet depends on the dog and how receptive they are towards the fashion item.

This is why you must learn the appropriate way to put a bandana on your dog if you want a seamless experience. The tips in this article will help you.

How To Put A Bandana On A Dog

1. Start by measuring your pup’s neck. If the headband is too tiny, you will be unable to tie it around the dog. If your pet is sitting, walking, or sleeping, taking measurements of their neck is simple.

Tie a cloth measuring tape over it’s neck, where you will wear the collar. You’ll need to have some additional material to knot the headband. So, add an inch to your measurement.

2. Knowing how and where to place a bandana on a puppy is easy when you have an adequately sizeable headband to wrap over the dog’s collar, regardless of the appearance you want to achieve.

There are several styles you can make for your dog with a bandana; including the cowboy appearance, the cape look, and the “roll and tie,” etc.

  • To achieve the cowboy style, bend the headband in two crosswise, wrap the bent side over your dog’s collar, then knot the sides together.
  • The “cape look” is similar to the cowboy style, except the headband is turned around. The bandana’s diagonal section, which resembles a short hood, will be on your dog’s back.
  • Learning how to put a headband on a dog in the “roll and tie” aesthetic style is as straightforward as learning how to do the other two styles noted earlier in this article.

Make a diagonal flip in the headband, slip the wrapped side down 1 inch, keep rolling the headband and tie the open tip. Then, knot the edges of the headband around the collar of your pet. Remember to leave a finger’s breadth between the headband and the neck when wearing it.


This article demonstrated how to tie a bandana on a dog properly. When wearing the bandana, please ensure that your index finger and middle finger can pass in between the headband and your pet’s neck. It would be best if you don’t let it to be too restrictive. This is because it can strangle your puppy, which would be a tragic situation.


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