About Dialifestyle

Dialifestyle is a Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle blog which speaks about unconventional fashion, breaking steriotypes in fashion, body acceptance, thrift shopping, product reviews, store reviews and much more.  The blog gives it’s readers an insight to the Fashion and Lifestyle events in the city. In the past year, the blog has blossomed and reached out to newer heights and widened its audience base. It has also introduced itself to Food blogging and Travel. With Guest Writers from around the world, Dialifestyle is spreading it’s wings wider and flying higher.

Our Beliefs

Fashion, we believe if restricted within a specific clan of the “perfect” turns into something hypothetical. The notion of “Zero size” or the perfect features is highly overrated and absolutely meaningless. Everybody has a right to fashion. This is exactly what we write about. Fashion for the real people. Fashion for You.

Team Dialifestyle

Pooja (Founder and Blogger-in-Chief)

She is an engineer by profession and writer by passion. A true fashion-addict from Kolkata, she takes pride in being a shopaholic. I love affordable street fashion and one would often find her bargaining in some street for a bag or a piece of jewelry. She loves travelling to lesser known places and experimenting with makeup. A hard-core foodie, discovering new restaurants in town is one of her favorite hobbies.

For any kind of query or collaboration mail her at pooja@dialifestyle.co



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