Apathy’s letter

Dear SARS-CoV-2,

I hear how terrified the world is of you, the fear of contagion. How unwelcome you must be. But you did manage to keep the very same people in denial for long. You get in there as harmless as a mild fever, a sore throat and soon suffocate them to death. I hear there is no cure. The only revival is to nurture and care!

You may wonder what for may I be telling you the very things you are well capable of. Turns out, I am quite similar. Only, unlike human bodies, I prey on their relationships, emotions. I creep in stealthily, like a disconnected call on a sick night, an occasional indifference, a deferred priority, an insensitive remark – each seemingly stray and harmless. But soon enough, I suffocate my prey, killing them even before they realise.

And between us both, I can still bask in superiority because I can get away undetected. My prey shall be in denial forever.


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