Why did I ever stop writing?

Why did I ever stop writing? I had never asked this question to myself, until yesterday. I would however get asked this question quite often. The most common answer would be, “I don’t get much time these days”. This seemed to be quite a legit answer given the fact that my life did go through a lot of significant changes in the past year. I left my life of luxury and decided to study Rural Management. I met the love of my life (I will be tying the knot soon). Somewhere amidst nurturing a new relationship, classes and assignments, writing took a backseat. But I kept getting this nagging feeling that in the process I was losing my superpower, the power of words. So, when I finally asked this question to myself, everything that kept me away from writing seemed to be feeble excuses.

My blog was born on a winter night eight years ago in my hostel room of an Engineering College. I was an angry girl that night, looking for a platform to share my voice. I wanted to talk about issues hardly anybody talked about back then, Body Positivity. Four hours of extensive research about building a blog finally paved way to Dialifestyle. My blog had always been my alter-ego. Over the years, it has evolved, travelled, explored different genres. But all through it has been a reflection of exactly who I am and has helped my voice reach places. Eight years to that fateful night, as I write this in my B-school hostel room, it is time my blog takes a rebirth.

It is time my blog voices stories of people unheard. Given my field of study, I feel privileged to have stayed and learnt about the lives at the Bottom of the Pyramid. As a writer, I feel it is my responsibility to make their stories heard, bring out the realities of the world.

Dialifestyle was born with a vision to make my voice heard. It is reborn again, only the voices will be of many others, stories from the hinterlands.

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