Japanese Eyewear brand OWNDAYS launches in Kolkata

Out of all the random things I wanted as a child, wearing a pair of spectacles topped the list. I had been so obsessed by the idea of different frames for my eyes that I’d make the most random excuses to visit an optometrist, hoping for my eyes to be Myopic or Hypermetropic. But all my visits would go in vain, because turns out, I always had good eyesight.

Years of working in Information Technology have demanded my eyes to be taken good care of. I had been looking for a good pair of Blue Ray glasses, something that would cater to style and usability. After years of trials, I finally came across the perfect pair, thanks to OWNDAYS India.

OWNDAYS, the Japanese Eyewear Chain opened its third store in India at South City Mall, Kolkata, bringing its quick service and a bouquet of affordable eyewear solutions. What makes OWNDAYS unique in its category is its quick service- “20-minute” processing time, 1,500 styles and “all-in-one” pricing system. It is a one-of–its-kind optical retail store with wide open concept store design, allowing customers to touch and try over a thousand different styles of frames freely. The price package on frames starts at Rs 2,900 and is inclusive of high quality hard-multi-coated lenses. A customer can bring home OWNDAYS glasses in just 20 minutes, except for special order lenses.

The store has a high-end optometric setup and offers a thorough check up before opting for the lenses. The frames are a right mix of style and comfort.

Do check out the store and share pictures of your frames.

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