“Why are are they worshipping the little girl?”, I asked Baba. We were at the Ramakrishna Mission Ashram during the Ashtami Puja. The Kumari Puja was in full splendour and my five-year old self was fascinated by the idea of a living, breathing goddess. Baba replied, “Because, the Goddess resides within that Innocence”.

The idea took a while to sink in. For years I would wonder, was it even possible that a living, breathing human could be a manifestation of the Devi? Did it mean that she resides within each one of us? I grew up listening to stories of mystics like Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Ramprasad Sen. Most of those stories emphasised on a similar philosophy, the existence of God within us. It was much later, when I read our ancient texts, the Upanishads and about the concept of Kundalini, did I start believing in it.

“Tat-Tvam-Asi”- Thou Art That

I got this Mahavakya tattooed on my arm a few years ago. This came as a consequence on the belief, the entire universe lies within me. For me, the Devi Shakti does not merely invoke within an external idol of clay, it lies within me. Kundalini, the primordial energy lies within each one of us. We constitute the Devi and the Asura. We are made up of the good and the evil, the Yin and the Yang. Is it always necessary to have the Good win over the Evil? Aren’t we all about the perfect balance?

Let us accept this balance and invoke the Goddess within us. Let us celebrate our inner Kundalini.

This Pujo I have decided to switch to straight with the new Streax Professional Canvo line Range. I love the versatility of this style and it goes well with almost any attire. This treatment is available in any Streax Professional Salon near you.

Location Courtesy: Cafe Drifter
Photography: Sourodip Ghosh
Jewellery: Self designed
Outfit: Dakhhinapan


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