#Nomnom : 5 reasons why The Fatty Bao Kolkata should be your next food destination

It has been more than three months since The Fatty Bao had opened its doors in the City of Joy. Much has been written about this place serving incredible Asian cuisine. So why am I writing about this place after so long?

The other day I was deciding with a friend for a place to eat, which soon turned into an argument. I wanted a place with a splendid ambience while he only needed to satiate his taste buds. While he was bent upon Asian cuisine, I needed something exotic, anything apart from the regular “Chinese” served elsewhere. The Fatty Bao eventually came to our rescue and made us both happy.

Coming back to the original question. Why am i writing about this place after so long. Well, I feel this place requires something more than just a launch announcement. The Fatty Bao, a part of the Olive Group with seven outlets around the country is much more than just another Asian Place serving excellent Asian food.

Here are my five reasons why The Fatty Bao should be your next Lunch/Dinner destination.

1. The Ambience
The Fatty Bao has an Izakaya and Noodle Shop inspired space. The restaurant is airy and well-lit with and incredible view of the Victoria Memorial and the rest of the city.

2. The Baos
Baos, a type of bun with a various fillings take up a different level at this place. Right from the vegetarian choices like eggplants, mushrooms and tofu, the Bao range to Chicken, Beef and Pork.

3. The Sushi
The Fatty Bao is among the rare few serving the most authentic Sushi, right from spicy mushrooms to Tuna, Crabs, Salmon and Prawns.

4. The Cocktails
The cocktails deserve a special mention. Passion Mule, Elixir and The Fatty Sour must not be missed.

5. The Dessert
I tried the Zen forest and it led me to the roads to heaven!

And if the above five reasons are not enough, their Pork Belly should be a reason good enough. If you do not believe me, you might want to check out my expression below.

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