Love Happens

Love happens,

In a fraction of a second, through a sudden rush of butterflies, a surge of emotions, an absolutely inexplicable chemical reaction in your brain.

Love grows.

That spark in the beginning that magnifies into a wildfire, consuming you, finally subsides. It then grows into a gentle flicker that continues to light up your heart through countless beautiful moments.

You realise, love happens everyday, it grows everyday.

When he inadvertently holds you tight at the first strike of thunder…

When he misses a football match to meet you…

When he gets you the book you had been waiting to read, without you even mentioning about it…

When he feeds you the last spoon of his favourite ice-cream…

When he walks around the rain-soaked city with you when he’d rather have been sleeping…

When he patiently deals with your mood-swings during ‘that time of your month’….

…Love happens.

Love happens, each time he holds you, looks into your eyes and whispers the three magical words.

Love happens, through a fraction of a moment…through countless moments…everyday.

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