The three best places to re-energise yourself amidst your Diwali Shopping

Diwali Shopping has never been an easy task. This being the last weekend before the Festival of Lights invariably had me running around for the perfect Diwali outfit. Being slightly partial to my ethnic side, Quest Mall with all it’s stores was my safe bet. Despite all the wonderful options striking the right balance between opulence and elegance was quite a task. In case you’re wondering, this post isn’t about my Diwali outfit. Let that remain a surprise. Rather, this post is about how I kept my energy-meter up through all the running-around.

Read on to know about the best coffee to sip through your shopping spree.

Q33, Quest Mall

Located at the ground floor of the mall, this place is the perfect destination to sit back and relax after an intense spree.

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Quest Mall

Sip onto their caramel cold coffee, munch their garlic breads, sandwiches or muffins, this place serves one of the best coffee ever.


Located at the basement, beside Spencer’s and Starmarks, is the place to be if you are looking to grab a quick coffee.

As they say, a good coffee can cure all problems. Well, for me it did help me choose the perfect Diwali outfit.

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