All About Acrylic Nails

“The first thing that someone notices about you are your hands (and feet)”.

I had always been aware of this age old saying but thanks to my brittle nails, well manicured hands were nothing less than a dream. As much as I tried growing my nails, they would go ahead a chip, no matter what. I would enviously look at women with beautiful nails and dream to someday own nails as pretty.

Nail extensions have been in vogue since as early as the 1950s. What started off as an acrylyc replacement for a chipped nail by a doctor, paved it’s way to varied choices of extensions and art. Nail extensions had always been on my cards but never really put into action until recently. Opposed to the already trending Gel Nails, I got myself Acrylic Nails which happens to be the first kind of nail extensions ever.

What are Acrylic Nails?
Acrylic nails are achieved mainly using a mix of liquid and powder monomer. The nail extensions are stuck to the tip of the original nails and the monomers are applied to the entire nail. Acrylic nails are extremely hard and sturdy as opposed to gel nails. It can also be easily removed at home using Acetone. Besides providing much meeded length and hardness, acrylic nails look exquisitely beautiful.

Acrylic vs Gel Nails
While getting my nail extensions, my first dilemma ever was whether to get Gel nails or Acrylic. While Acrylic nails are strong and hard, Gel nails are more flexible. Gel nails are dried under UV light and the entire process is time taking. Also, gel nails require a manicurist to be removed.

Where to get them done
Though there are a lot of places offering these services, I’d recommend choosing your manicurist carefully. The Nail and Lash Bar had me impressed with the kind of services they offer. It is a one-of-its kind of Salon dedicated only to Nails and Eyelashes. What I loved most about them was their expertise, hygiene and quality of products. All of their products and equipments are imported from USA.

After care and maintenance
The acrylic nails last for around 3 weeks till the original nail starts growing out. I’d strongly recommend either getting a fill-in immediately or having them removed in order to avoid bruising the original nail accidentally.

The Nail and Lash Bar is offering an incredible discount for Diwali where you will get upto 30% off on any services. You may book an appointment from their website.

The Nail and Lash Bar
 32, Allenby Rd, Jadubabur Bazar, Bhowanipore, Kolkata, West Bengal 700020

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