Pre-Pujo Glow with Kama Ayurveda

My favourite time of the year is here! Tomorrow marks the beginning of the week-long festivities celebrating the Homecoming of Maa. While Durga Pujo for me mostly revolves around the rituals, dolling up in my ethnic best almost because non-negotiable. While in the past years I usually planned my pre-Pujo beauty routine well in advance, this year however, work got the better of me. Adding to that, the stress had made my hair and skin dull not exactly at the best behaviour.

My last minute beauty routine with Kama Ayurveda worked as a Fairy Godmother to my skin and hair. I have been a loyal lover of Kama Ayurveda since long, the Bringadi Hair Oil being an active part of my hair-care. I included the Anti Acne regime very recently and the results have been quite impressive.

To start with, my skin is extremely sensitive and breaks out at the drop of a hat. Adding to the woes, my skin is literally an oil-producing factory. When I expressed my concern to the store assistant at Kama Ayurveda, I was advised and curated my personalised Anti Acne skincare regime. The regime includes the Red Sandalwood Soap to cleanse my skin, the Vetiver water to tone and the Nimrah face mask. Due to excessive exposure to the sun, tanning was another concern for which I was advised the Kumkumadi Scrub. For my hair, Bringadi Oil was a no compromise.

The anti acne regime has been quite effective. The Sandalwood soap deep cleanses my skin and controls the oil. In fact the skin feels slightly dry which I hydrate using the Vetiver Water. The Nimrah mask combined with the Vetiver water helps control acne and brightens the skin. The Kumkumadi scrub, which I have been advised to use sparingly has worked in lightening the tan in the first application itself.

Kama Ayurveda has been a saviour in my last minute beauty routine. I am more than excited to dress up in my ethnic best and welcome the Goddess. Wishing you all a wonderful Pujo. Stay healthy, stay glowing!

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