Beating the Heat with Vaayu by Made in Bengal

When it comes to Fashion, I have always placed Comfort over anything else. With the soaring temperatures in the city, combining Fashion with Style poses to be a huge challenge for most of us. Unless one is absolutely comfortable in her own skin, one can never look confident enough.

So what if I told you, I have been beating the heat wearing nothing but Air? As absurd as it may sound, this Kolkata based brand has managed to strike a successful chord between Style and Comfort. This post is special to me in quite a number of ways. One, it happens to be the first of an interesting series where I collaborate with wonderful people of my city, sharing similar fashion interests, carrying themselves with panache. Two, the series introduces a brand that is very close to my heart, Made in Bengal.

About Made in Bengal:

If there’s anything that I share with the brand, it is the name. Born and mostly brought up in this beautifully diverse state, I take huge pride in calling myself Made in Bengal. Sharing similar philosophy, Made in Bengal is about anything and everything that reflects Bengal. From selling handwoven Sarees and Dresses, to Tea, Art and Craft, the brand is on a mission to revive the forgotten talents of the state. As I slowly unwrap the brand to you, this post is about their incredible line of Sarees called “Vaayu

Vaayu, Sanskrit for Air is one of the most unique weaves of the nine yards ever, conceptualised by Made in Bengal. True to it’s name, the Sarees are light as air, making them an apt choice for any season. The Vaayu Sarees come in splendid color combinations and three basic forms:
Vaayu Cotton
Vaayu Block
Vaayu Blend

Vaayu Cotton:
These are woven out of doubly refined cotton threads and follow a similar weaving pattern as Muslin. The sarees are so light that they unbelievably fit into tiny boxes. Due to their light body, they stay draped with a gorgeous fall and brighten up any mood!
Being a saree lover and incorporating them into my regular style I have tried to showcase the versatility of these beauties in two distinct drapes. For those who believe Sarees are too ethnic to be worn as contemporary styles, here’s a Vaayu Cotton teamed with denims and crop tops on Sohini. For the lovers of a more traditional drape, I draped the same line in the classic style.

Vaayu Block:
Think Cotton. Think Quirky prints. Vaayu Block has taken the quintessential “Baangali Chhapa Saaree” to a whole new level. From umbrellas to tribal masks, they have it all.
I ditched a regular blouse and teamed my umbrella-printed Vaayu Block with an off-shoulder tee-shirt. The Dokra-printed Vaayu Cotton on Sohini was teamed with a black crop top.

Vaayu Blend:
I love calling them Vaayus with a shine! These nine yards of beauty are woven out of cotton, blended with Resham. The blended element gives them a shine making it a perfect choice for evening wear.
I rather chose to give them a twist, draping them like Tulle skirts, bringing out the red-carpet divas in us. The vibrant colours and the fall made me fall in love yet again!

Sharing similar Fashion philosophies, I had Sohini Chakraborty, a Marketing Professional, posing with me. Her love for sarees is inexplicable. She has even tried convincing people to make Saree an official dress code at work. I couldn’t agree more with her on that.

You may buy these sarees either from their store in Hindustan Park or from here.

Concept and Styling: Pooja Dasgupta
Photography: Jyotika Baijal

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