That 70’s Menu at Hoppipola

We all have our favourites when it comes to a place to unwind and destress. Mine happens to be this place with a lot of quirk, fun vibes, great music and essentially the most creative cocktails ever. The place is none other than Hoppipola which currently has two outlets in the city, Acropolis and Mani Square. If I ever happen to go missing I would most likely be found in Hoppipola savouring my favourite cocktails suggested by one of the most talented mixologists ever, Puspendu.

On that note, Hoppipola has come up with this super interesting offer which the call “That 70’s Menu” where everything including Vodka, Rum, Whiskey, Gin and Cocktails are priced at 70 INR each. The offer runs all day on Mondays and Tuesdays and is valid from 4-8pm from Wednesday to Friday.

As much as I love the cocktails, their food is worth mentioning. They have recently introduced Baos and Burgers to their menu which is something I love going back to. For the vegetarians, the Paneer Khurchan Bao (Steamed Bread, stuffed with kurchan paneer and topped with Onion -Tomato relish) is a great option. Otherwise I’d highly recommend the Chicken Khurchan Bao (Strips of Chicken, tossed with Indi-spices served inside Steamed Baos). Shammi Kebab Burger (Lamb Kheema Patty marinated with Indian spices ), highly recommended by the chef is another great addition and comes in a huge size. The Stir Fried Pork (Pork strips, tossed with ginger, chilli, bellpepper and pak choi with a hint of light soya) is something all pork lovers must try.

Coming to my favourite cocktails, here’s what we tried. No points for guessing I was a trippy yet happy girl at the end of it.

Blood Bank
(Kaffir lime and Fresh Ginger muddled together with equal portion of Cranberry and pomegranate juice)

Drown in a Bucket
(Tequila Cocktail test just awesome with Peach Puree, and Orange juice and Burnt Rosemary)

Black Swan
(A delicate concoction of Spiced Rum, Raspberry Puree and Cranberry juice with Balanced with Balsamic vinegar)

Yellow Page
(Fresh Lemongrass muddled with Passion puree, Tequila served with Apple juice and Sparkling Wine)

(An edible Shot, made out of jellification of Dark rum, Cream of Oreo and Condensed Milk)

(A generous measure of Cafe Patron & Blended with Ice perfected with Nutella Syrup)

The Blood Bank literally makes my Vampire Diaries come true! And if I’m not sipping on the above you’ll find me sitting cross-legged in a corner with their good old Bird Cage.

Do not miss the amazing 70’s menu at Hoppipola and in case you are looking for company, you know whom to ping!

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