Peeking into a typical day of a Blogger

Working as an engineer over the weekdays and a blogger on weekends may sound exciting, but comes with a fair share of responsibilities. Leaving aside the fact that switching from corporate mode to blogger mode makes me feel like such a workaholic, and my weekends are usually packed with shoots and events. Adding to the hectic schedule, the humidity often makes it worse, draining most of my energy. I have often been asked to share a typical day of my life as a blogger and how I manage to pull off all the running around and yet stay high on energy. Here’s sharing the story of a typical weekend of my life.

Saturday happened to be one of those days which had every single element of a blogger’s life – shoots, events et al. I have always had an affinity to North Calcutta with all its quaint yet busy lanes. Hence, I decided to travel to Kumartuli, the Potter’s Town for a shoot. With Calcutta’s humidity, it is essential to keep yourself well hydrated. Therefore, for long and busy days like these, I make sure I keep a bottle of 7UP Revive handy, which helps to replenish some of the essential electrolytes in your body lost due to sweating. 7UP Revive has always worked wonders to help keep me refreshed during such times.

I took a subway (we call it Metro Rail in Calcutta) to Sovabazar and walked all the way to Kumartuli where I met my photographer. Though getting hold of perfect photography frames is not very difficult in this old, beautiful part of the city, it does involve a lot of running around. After almost three hours of trying out multiple frames and downing more than half our individual bottles of 7UP Revive, we finally wrapped up the shoot.

Next on my weekend itinerary was a food walk. On an ideal winter afternoon, I would have jumped at the idea, and though the idea was quite appealing even now, I wasn’t very sure about the scorching sun and its effects. We started our walk with the iconic Mitra Cafe at Sovabazar through the little shops at College Street, and finally ended at the Indian Coffee House. Despite the food walk being an extremely fun experience, the humidity made it very difficult. 7UP Revive came to our rescue, helping us to stay refreshed and on our toes.

Post the food walk, I travelled straight to Ballygunge for a fashion exhibition. Though my hair and makeup needed a change thanks to all the running around since the morning, my spirit and stamina were surprisingly quite intact. Besides my passion for blogging, part of the credit would go to 7UP Revive, which helped me to hydrate despite the extreme humidity. The fashion exhibition had some of the most beautiful designer wear on display and was breathtaking!

I ended my long but fulfilling day with a glass of coconut water with lemon at my favourite cafe. It is days like these which make me fall in love with life, my work and most importantly, my city. The stark contrast between the Northern and Southern parts of the city has never failed to intrigue me. Despite the humidity, 7UP Revive helped me to kept my spirits high and made me fall in love with the city for the Nth time!

This post is in association with 7Up Revive
#7UPRevive #SweatLossRecharge

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