#Nomnom : Italian Romance at Alla Bella Mozzarella

Being a hopeless Libran, romanticism has always been of utmost importance. I have always strived to find an element of romance in everything I do and everything I eat. When I mention food, I have truly believed, nothing is more romantic than Italian Cuisine. I can literally feel the cheese make love to my taste buds in the most passionate form one can ever imagine. Also there could be nothing better when everything clubs together in the City of Joy.

Alla Bella Mozzarella is one of the new additions to the city’s gastronomical delights and serves some of the best Italian delicacies ever. We started our Italian journey with the Caesar Salad which was a perfect toss of smoked chicken, iceberg lettuce, capers,croutons and parmigiano. The Poillo Fritto, crumb fried chicken served with Mascarpone was a clear winner when it came to the Antipasti. We also tried the Tre formaggi Di Salmone, the three-cheese stuffed Salmon and it was quite delectable.

The Fettuccine Carbonara was what we had in our share of Pastas. The perfect blend of eggs, parsley, bacon and parmigiano was perfectly blissful. This place also serves some of the very best thin crust pizzas ever. We tried the Pollo, consisting of generous amount of smoked chicken along with rosemary, spinach, caramelised onions and roasted garlic. Besides the pizzas and Pastas,  Alla Bella Mozzarella does a great job with their Lasagne. Their traditional meat lasagne is absolutely delightful.

The best of the lot had to be the dessert or the Dolci, the Wood fried cioccolato fondente, their signature chocolate lava cake served with vanilla icecream and is sure to transport one to heaven.









Alla Bella Mozzarella is indeed a cosy little place in Ballygunge which gives one a perfect taste of Italy. Do drop by if you are looking for the perfect romantic Italian dinner on a date night!

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