Decorate your home to inspire healthy habits

A home is a haven, that one place where all masks drop and you can be yourself, fully.

With the stressful life suffocating us at the office, during the rush hour, at our kid’s parent-teacher meeting, at a casual get-together that goes from a pleasant meet to a frantic spiral of jealous comments and distasteful conversations in a second, we need to have a safe place to go back to and decompress – and what place should that be if not our home.

To give your home the power, excellent health and optimism, there are a few things you can do to let the good energy in.

Repair all that’s broken

Dispose of things that are ripped (old blankets, bed covers, cushions…), broken (cracked picture frames, mirrors, vases…) or overused (like that kitchen sponge that you used to wash your New Year’s Eve party dishes). Also, replace household items/gadgets regularly or fix if broken. By having things work smoothly in your house, as well as staying whole (no rips and cracks), you are inviting a healthy, wholesome, fulfilling energy into your home and encouraging it to stay.
Home decoration

Become a green thumb

Nothing beats a bit of the outdoors brought into the house to invite the healthy, green vibe that will not only work for the aesthetics of the place but will be beneficial for your health, too. Brought indoors, the plants will help purify the air in your home and will add life with their greens. Placing vases with colorful, living flowers around the house will lighten up your home, as well.

The best plants to grow in a home are Rubber Plant and English Ivy as their air-purifying ability is amazing. If you are into greenery, have a living green wall installed in your home and make it a centerpiece of the main room; have a few searchlights shine directly at it from different angles to achieve an even more powerful effect. The piece will look spectacular.

Think comfort & natural materials

No home will feel natural unless you are feeling relaxed when you’re in it; make sure your furniture is liberated of the unnecessary ornaments and let it serve its main purpose – to be a comfy place you can sit back and unwind. Add cushions made of natural materials, sleep on a king single mattress, place natural-wool rugs on your floors, hang cotton curtains. You can also include some incense sticksnatural wood and stone in your décor for accents, and a huge fish tank (inside the entire wall) or a waterfall – the water imagery will automatically evoke nature and will bring about the feeling of peace.

The rule of comfort should apply to all the rooms in your home – from the hall, your kids’ room, the kitchen and living-room, to your bedroom.
home decoration

Choose earth tone colours

Overwhelmed with plenty of styles, loud colours, heavy patterns and unnatural graphics, a home may feel heavy and forced. To avoid inviting this energy, opt for simple, earth tone colours that evoke nature and instill everyone in your home with tranquility and serenity.

Colours that make for perfect base-palettes are beige, eggshell, dark brown, shades of green, ocher, brick and shades of blue. These colours (and variants of them) are soothing and they can be easily upgraded or downgraded with accents. For instance – opt for an all-beige base for your living room; then, dress your corner-sofa bed with large, coral and ocean blue cushions, have one wall painted deep blue and make it a focal point of the room by placing a wooden framed, large mirror onto it. Following, place lamps around the room to imitate the sunlight during darker and colder days. Simplicity is key to a healthy home, so make sure you channel yours in the right manner.
Home decoration

Encourage light and all that is light

Let the sunshine in, as much as you can. Open the curtains to help the sun sneak into your space and keep the windows open (and clean!) whenever possible to let the fresh air circulate. When the days are dark and gloomy, switch on the ambient lights (make sure you’ve got dimmers installed) for a sweet atmosphere that will be calming, but still liven up the room and take away the murky vibe.

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