Exotic Escape to Your Own Backyard – Summer Party Ideas

summer party

Whoever said you have to go to a land far away to experience the ultimate summer escape!? This summer, we suggest you channel all of your artistic energy towards your backyard, embrace the inspiration and creative impulse that have been boiling on the inside and set them free! With just a few tricks you’ll turn your own backyard into a real oasis of peace, happiness, amazing décor and fun.

If you’ve got a lot of ideas, yet you are unsure where to start, we are giving you a few inputs that may steer you in the right direction:

Decoration is key

The style you pick for your backyard décor is going to set the tone of your project and be the base of all other additional fixes you might want to follow up with.

Boho inspired designs have become the it stimulus for most decorative flairs as they are incredibly chic, adjustable, quixotic and dreamy, with just a hint of intrigue, old romance and a rather exciting sentimentality. The style is perfect for both bigger and smaller spaces as it’s giving the decorator the liberty to mix and match materials, styles, patterns and colors to achieve the perfect eclectic style that fits everyone’s taste.

We are singling out our favorite boho-inspired decorative suggestions for a yard, that will provide a perfect escape this summer:

Leisure area

It’s all about the pleasure and relaxation, and here’s how:

Seating area

Nothing says “boho” like a wide corner outdoor sofa-set with massive pillows for added drama and comfort. The color is preferably white but you can also opt for any pastel shade to evoke easiness and relief. Also, add pillows with floral and lace accents for boho authenticity.

Cushions in floral patterns (or earthly colors like beige, brown, green, ocher, etc) spread on the lawn with huge pillows (the bigger the better) for added comfort are an amazing option, too.

summer party tree lights cushions


The way lights are placed around your yard will be suggestive of the overall tone of your décor. For a hint of romance and just a little bit of magic, opt for white Christmas lights wrapped around tree trunks and wreathed in the tree tops. The mystique of it all will make even the hardest to impress go “wow”!


Boho imitates the beauty of love and romance through all the designs it offers.

  • Jars as candlesticks – place miniature scented candles in (clean) jars you’ll wrap a floral band around. Place them around the yard for a romantic feel. You can also use empty bottles that you’ll place on the table.
  • Lace shade sails – There’s nothing as chic as shade sails to take your space to a whole different level. With the hint of Far East, exceptionally exotic yet still appropriate and romantic, shade sails are the perfect decorative element for your boho yard.

summer party candles shade sails

  • Movie area – Remember the cushions we’ve mentioned a few paragraphs above? Well, just imagine adding a movie screen into the mix. You’ll get the perfect outdoor theatre organized for your loved ones!

Food and drinks

With an amazing yard there comes an amazing set of servings. Here’s what you can experiment with:

  • Berries as ice – Instead of ice-cubes, add frozen berries to your cold lemonades
  • Ice cold bubbly with fruit – Add cold strawberries or any other fruit you feel would fit to the bubbly you’ll serve to your gals
  • Cupcakes with fun decorations –  They’ll look adorable

food drink summer party

  • Shark up that watermelon – Cut it up and stick straws in it for an awesome refreshment. You can carve other shapes, too and play with options (pic 2)
  • Lemonade pops – They are refreshing, colorful (if you add other fruit) and super cooling
  • Healthy snacks and finger food – Fill see-through or patterned (floral, or any other cool pattern) bowls with healthy snacks like nuts, fruits, veggies, etc. and place them on your centerpiece. You never know when someone may get hungry.

Amusement activities

If there’ll be kids around your gorgeous boho yard, you should organize something fun for them to do, too!

  • Volleyball – Decorate the net with hanging lights to add drama and encourage them to play.
  • C for color –  Glowing face and body paint may just be the most entertaining thing to do when you are a kid, so go shopping for some organic paint and let the kids enjoy.

summer party volleyball night

  • Pallet bed for a full swing – Use some materials you’ve got lying around to craft an awesome pallet bed for the kids to swing on. The little ones will probably fall asleep within a few seconds and why shouldn’t they – it’ll be super comfy! Give the swing some boho drama by hanging lanterns, lace straps or baldachins over it.

We bet that this summer is going to be amazing, especially when you are finished decorating your gorgeous outdoor space!

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