Curvy Woman’s guide to Styling White

Of all the Fashion Myths I have broken in my head, the “White Taboo” was indeed the biggest. For some odd scientific reason which stated that the colour white reflected light, I have always stayed away from it, or anything close. Consequently I kept denying myself of many outfit combinations, including the classic “white and denims”. Since I have been on a strong mission to drag myself out of my inhibitions, this was one I needed to get rid of. It wasn’t until I tried on the colour that I realised how beautiful it actually is and compliments every skin tone.

Here are some of the things I kept in mind while styling white:

1. There is no denying that white has a tendency of highlighting the not-so-highlightable, therefore I opted for a darker colored layering. This camouflages the love handles well and gives a side – panel like effect.

2. Since my top has an extremely low neckline, I wore a black camisole which additionally serves the purpose of a shapewear and balances the black on the outside.

3. I chose skinny denims to structure out the entire look.

4. Pearls and stilettos were used as accessories to keep the look polished and sophisticated. 







I’m wearing :
White top: Vera Wang Princess
Black cape: Gifted
Denims: Globus
Neck Piece: Annabelle
Bag: Anne Klein
Shoes: BK Market

Concept and Styling : Pooja Dasgupta
Photography : Oindrila Bhol

Did you like the way I styled white? What is you favourite way of wearing the classic white shirt? I would love to know in the comments below.


  1. Hi Pooja, i follow ur blogs. But I have a question, i m confused abt my body type. can u plz help me to determine the type of body i have. thanks


    • Hi Arpita, you need to determine where you hold your curves. If it’s more on the upper side with slender legs then you have an apple body. If your lower body is curvier, woth a slender upper, it’s a pear body. And if you carry generous curves on both with a relatively smaller waist, you have an hourglass.


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