Curvy Woman’s guide to Styling White

Of all the Fashion Myths I have broken in my head, the “White Taboo” was indeed the biggest. For some odd scientific reason which stated that the colour white reflected light, I have always stayed away from it, or anything close. Consequently I kept denying myself of many outfit combinations, including the classic “white and denims”. Since I have been on a strong mission to drag myself out of my inhibitions, this was one I needed to get rid of. It wasn’t until I tried on the colour that I realised how beautiful it actually is and compliments every skin tone.

Here are some of the things I kept in mind while styling white:

1. There is no denying that white has a tendency of highlighting the not-so-highlightable, therefore I opted for a darker colored layering. This camouflages the love handles well and gives a side – panel like effect.

2. Since my top has an extremely low neckline, I wore a black camisole which additionally serves the purpose of a shapewear and balances the black on the outside.

3. I chose skinny denims to structure out the entire look.

4. Pearls and stilettos were used as accessories to keep the look polished and sophisticated. 







I’m wearing :
White top: Vera Wang Princess
Black cape: Gifted
Denims: Globus
Neck Piece: Annabelle
Bag: Anne Klein
Shoes: BK Market

Concept and Styling : Pooja Dasgupta
Photography : Oindrila Bhol

Did you like the way I styled white? What is you favourite way of wearing the classic white shirt? I would love to know in the comments below.


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