Inspirit Start Smart Cleansing Programme Review

“If you don’t take care of this the most magnificent machine that you will ever be given…where are you going to live?”
-Karyn Calabrese

While my life as a lifestyle blogger had its perks in terms of trying out new places to eat and experimenting with my palette, it also requires me to take extra care of my health. Thanks to all the eating out, I tend to take in a lot of toxins into my body. It so happened a few weeks ago that my digestive system was not in good shape and my body had bloated up, thanks to my Pre-Menstrual Syndrome. I was considering going on a detox plan when I was contacted my Inspirit Juices to try their Cleansing Programme.

About Inspirit :
Inspirit was born out of the idea that cleansing should be introduced as an essential part of a healthy lifestyle and healthy juices and cleanses should be made accessible to everyone. It is the first brand in Kolkata to create a friendly and approachable line of juices and cleanses that with varied nutritional and health benefits and can fit into any diet, from the raw-food champions to the burger-and-red-wine fans.

How are Inspirit Juices different?
Inspirit juices are made from incredibly healthy, fresh, handpicked fruits and vegetables – most of them locally procured from their HCAAP certified vendors with an infusion of exotic fruits and essential super foods, , under guidance from nutritionists and medical experts. The juices are extracted using the Cold Pressed technology.

What are Cold – Pressed juices?

Cold Pressed is a way of not just protecting the intrinsic flavors of the juices but also retaining the maximum nutrient value of the fruits and vegetables. Cold pressed technology generates no heat and involves minimal exposure to air, so living enzymes are preserved in the juices and allows you to get the maximum nutrient benefits.

My experience :

I opted for the Inspirit Start Smart programme which required me to live on juices for the whole day. The entire programme was divided into five different kind of juices through different times of the day. The entire set of juices were delivered to me by 7:00, well ahead of time. Therefore I had enough time to prepare for the cleanse. The day prior to the cleansing I avoided fried food and sweets. I also skipped my workout on the day of Cleanse. Throughout the day, I was advised to not eat anything else.

8 am – Immunity
This was the first juice of the day consisting of Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon and Lemongrass. The tangy citrus combination gave me a burst of energy for the day.

11 am – Agile
By the time the clock struck 11, I was way too hungry. This juice consisted of Watermelon, Apple, Mint and Lemon which made it slightly heavy and almost enough to curb hunger pangs.

2 pm – Restore
The Apple, Carrots, Beet, Orange, Lemon and Ginger combination made it taste not only great but the presence of carrots quite filling too. By this time I could feel my body starting off well with the detox process, one being an increased need to clear the bladder.

5 pm – Robust
Consisting of mostly everything green, Apple, Celery, Spinach, Cucumber, Parsley,  Lemon, Ginger and Moringa, the vegetable – taste was quite dominant here.

8 pm – Enhance
The best of the lot, this consisted of Almond, Turmeric, Himalayan Sea Salt, Coco Oil, Vanilla and Honey. This tasted almost like a milkshake and more than made up for the entire day’s cleanse.






Post Cleanse Effect:
I could feel much of the water weight gone, visibly from my face and neck. Also my skin and digestion looked better.  What was most remarkable was the level of energy the following day. I actually started working out more rigorously since the next day. I feel this is a much better cleanse than GM or any other kind of detox diet since it is only for a day. I plan to go about with this atleast once a month.

How to order:
The juices can be ordered from their official website where one can find a wide range of other programmes.

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