Quest for Butterflies

Atleast once in your lifetime, you’ll meet someone, out of the blue, a Stranger..and almost immediately you’ll know, he is the ONE.
Even the slightest glance at his perfect face will make all the blood in your body rush to your face…His mildest thought will make your heart race…he will consume you, all of you.
You ‘ll know, he owns you, controls your body, mind and soul. You know he has the power to destroy you…yet you do not mind. You’re not sure if the feeling is mutual, you do not care. It is something you’ll have never felt before. Is this what they call love? If yes, then it is love in its purest, most passionate form, and you feel you’re the most vulnerable with him around.

I have been thinking a lot lately, waking up at dawn, staring at the sky, letting random thoughts wander in. It was during one such days of delightful day-dreaming that the thought of “soulmates” crept in. I was curious if the “butterflies in stomach” even existed. How do you know if someone is your Soulmate? Do you meet him and simply know, or do you sit and analyse, balance the pros and cons and then come to a conclusion? “To love someone” or “to be in love with someone”; are the just two sides of the same coin? So many questions came in to my mind and I kept searching for the answers.

Eventually, almost like magic, my inner conscience talked to me and I realised. The ONE I have been looking for is nothing but my own soul. Searching for a Mate for my Soul is futile unless it feels complete on its own. My happiness should be from within and not dependant on an external source. I ll be honest, I am still looking for my “Butterflies”, but yes, I do feel complete.






I am wearing :

Maxi Dress: Vasansi (a Jaipur based designer)
Nose pin: Desi by Nature
Clutch: Thrifted from Santiniketan

Photography : Oindrila Bhol
Styling and Concept : Pooja Dasgupta

Do you believe in Butterflies? I would love to know in the comments below.


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