Get ready for the summer – how to protect and make your skin look beautiful

Regular cleansing is the minimum of care you owe your complexion, but when the temperature outside turns sizzling hot, your daily skincare regimen needs to follow suit, or else you’ll soon be waking up to breakouts, wrinkles, red patches, and taut, dry, or oily skin. Here are five chief components of a summer skincare routine that will help transform your skin from dead-looking to drop-dead gorgeous.

Skin detox to flush dead cells

Contrary to popular belief, acne breakouts are not caused by sweat: they are caused by bacteria, hormonal issues, and inadequate skin care. For this reason, internal and external detox is an important part of the summertime skincare regimen. In addition to avoidance of sugary, fatty, and heavily processed foods, you should use a quality detoxifying skin cleanser, scrub, facial mask, and vitamin C serum to keep your skin firm, your pores clog-free, and your complexion radiant. You can also steam-clean your face with the help of basil or mint tea: vapours rising from a bowl of the herbal beverage will make a great preparatory regimen for blackhead removal.

Exfoliate to reveal inner beauty

Use salicylic acid-based cleansers and gentle exfoliating scrubs to eliminate dead cells from the surface layers of the skin and prevent acne. If you have greasy skin, pick a quality facial tonic and topical gels to hold off excess oil, and use oil-free wipes or blotting papers to remove sweat on the go.
summer drink

Hydrate to replenish skin volume

Summer is a time when your body needs extra hydration to make up for the liquids lost through increased excretion. The same is true of your body’s largest organ: intense sunlight, chlorine, sweat, and makeup can all dehydrate the epidermis, so strive to stock up on moisture both from within and on the outside. Whereas increased intake of clear water and fresh organic juice will keep your internal engines humming, facial mists and alcohol-free moisturizers will help light up your complexion and prevent wrinkles and lifeless skin look. If possible, ditch harsh cosmetics, heavy makeup, and alcohol-based skincare products from your daily agenda to avoid skin dehydration and premature aging.

Sunproof skin for lasting radiance

Sunlight is another summertime hazard that can completely shatter a radiant complexion. Failure to apply sunscreen before heading out on a hot day can result in sunburns, redness, skin irritation, and even accelerated skin aging. If possible, avoid wearing heavy makeup at the beach and keep your daytime maquillage to the minimum. Using cosmetics with SPF is also a good idea for as long as you don’t go overboard with layering. If you wish to stay on the utmost side of skin safety, swap foundations and blushes for a lightweight cream or spray with a high SPF and wear a wide-brim hat. If you somehow manage to get sunburns, however, use coconut oil or aloe gel to soothe skin irritation and steer clear of makeup until inflamed skin has completely healed.

Lip care for unforgettable kisses

Lips are another sensitive area of your face that can go to shambles if not treated with due care on scorching summer days. Prevent a dehydrated pucker look by drinking lots of clear water at regular intervals during the day, and use a lip balm with a high SPF to counteract sun damage that can turn your mouth area into a semblance of cracked soil. Don’t lick your lips and avoid touching them often: this can cause lip chapping, herpes, and acne around the mouth.
smile summer
Skin is the first line of your body’s defense against external damage, and the last frontier where all internal issues eventually come to light. Your largest organ is made up of 70% water, 25% proteins, and 2% lipids, and it requires regular cleansing, exfoliation, and moisturizing to stay fresh and youthful despite the tooth of time. Adjust your skincare routine to help your face withstand the challenges of the season ahead, and don’t forget: a gorgeous complexion is 50% proper care and 50% healthy lifestyle and dietary choices. Good luck!


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