The Curvy Girl’s guide to Sporty Chic

If there’s a motto that I’ve adopted recently, it’d be “Pushing the Edge“. I have been consistently trying to get out of my comfort zone in Fashion and trying styles that were banned in my head due to certain pre – conceived notions. In my previous fashion post, I had broken a self created myth about boyfriend-denims on curvy women, likewise, I tried stepping off my comfort zone of heeled footwear in this one.

Being vertically challenged (5 ft 2 inches to be precise) comes with an unofficial, unconditional love for high heeled footwear for most of us. For me, the relationship with heels started way too early, at the age of 8. My first pair was bought for a school play and clearly there was no looking back. However, after all these years, I realised the physical trauma my body has gone through and decided to finally cater to comfort. My sneakers came out of hiding for a different reason though. I have finally been bit by the fitness bug and started working out. The hours spent sweating actually made me fall in love with these shoes and I decided to style it with something I love wearing, Dresses.

I have never really been quite comfortable with the fashion genre “Sporty Chic“. I am not sure what made me uncomfortable, the term “sporty” or being denied heeled footwear. However, I managed to gear myself to try the trend. I added a dash of quirkiness to the outfit with the owl-print cross – body from Chumbak. I have styled the same dress with stilettos on various occasions,  but this by far surpasses them in terms of comfort. Believe it or not, the next time I go clubbing, I am seriously going to give comfortable footwear a thought with my dress.

Here are a few things I realised while trying this look on my frame:

1. Try wearing a solid colored dress or small prints, since you are avoiding heels.

2. Keep the length of your dress on the longer side. This adds length vertically

3. Though I have gone minimal on accessories, adding a few chic pieces wouldn’t do any harm.







I’m wearing :
Dress: Femella
Sneakers: Skechers
Bag: Chumbak
Shades: Thrifted
Watch: MK

Concept and Styling :  Pooja Dasgupta
Photography : Oindrila Bhol

How do you style Sporty Chic? I would love to know in the comments below.

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