The Curvy Woman’s guide to wearing Boyfriend Denims

One of the most important things that the few years of Blogging has taught me is Fearlessness. I have met people on the Blogosphere who have inspired me in ways more than one. With every post, every style, my body positive journey has strengthened me to love myself just the way I am. I have learnt, with every passing day that style needs to be curated individually and being on the heavier side should not ever stop one from trying different trends. I have been constantly pushing my self to Fashion genres I would never usually explore and each day is a new learning.

Boyfriend Denims 1

Despite Androgynous fashion trending heavily on the Fashion Charts, I have never considered it apt for me, the reasons being:
a. My style is too feminine
b. Boyfriend denims would be too sloppy for my body type.
Well, one fine day, I decided to break these self created myths and go ahead with all the things I never would never dare to trod upon – Distressed Boyfriend Denims and loud dark lips.

So here are a few things I learnt while I styled this on my body:

1. Try opting for a darker colored denims if you have a heavier bottom. Since boyfriend jeans are already a little loose on the fit, the darker shade would give it a slimming effect.
2. Pair your boyfriend denims with a structured jacket. This gives the upper body a good shape
3. Opt for heels, and I would recommend stilettos. Please refrain from wedges as it looks clumsy with distressed denims. If you are uncomfortable in hight stilettos, try smaller kitten heels instead. A pointy toe would yield you brownie points.
4. Keep the accessories minimal. You would want to keep the denims in focus.

Boyfriend Denims 2

Boyfriend Denims 3

Boyfriend Denims 4

Boyfriend Denims 5

Boyfriend Denims 6

This is also the first time that I have tried a bold shade on my lips. I wanted my lips to be gothic yet feminine, hence I lined my lips with black Kohl, filled the insides with a red shade (Electric Red by Colorbar) and blended in well with the black line. The centre was highlighted with a pinkish shade (Peach Crush by Colorbar) and blended well.

I’m wearing:
Boyfriend denims : Max
Black camisole : Jockey
Lace Jacket : Lifestyle
Shoes : BK Market
Bag: Anne Klein
Necklace : Thrifted from New Market

Concept and Styling : Pooja Dasgupta
Photography : Oindrila Bhol

How would you style you Boyfriend denims? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Hey Pooja, I hope you recognize me…I am Pallavi working in TCS..We also did ramp show in insuberance…

    Anyways…first of all i m complete fan of your writings, fashion sense and you.:)..

    I dont hv any different idea for boyfriend jeans..though i like to wear it wid crop top..

    I would love to see more of such blogs..just a request some quick tips for girls having heavy upperbody.

    All d very best…

    Thanks n lots of love…
    Pallavi Singh


    • Of course I remember you! I hope you are doing great! I am so honored to have you visit my blog.

      For a top heavy body, yoy could team it with a crop top and maybe layer it with a long kimono-like cape. That would take the attention away from the top.


  2. U look grt…randomly chkng on the intrnt i found ur post..ur pics were grt so cudnt stop to check it out…wat shade r y wearing on ur lips ..luv it totally


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