#Nomnom : From the Thakurbari Kitchen

The “Thakurbari Culture” over the years has been nothing short of a religion for those brought up in Bengali households. Quite similar to the Debipaksha (hour of the Goddess) during the Durga Puja, we celebrate the “Kobipaksha” (hour of the Poet) with equal vigor. This auspicious hour of the poet is marked by the birth anniversary of none other than Rabindranath Tagore. To celebrate this hour, Lokahaar, a newly opened restaurant in Jodhpur Park, Kolkata is hosting a three-course meal consisting of delicacies from the Tagore Family’s kitchen. Quite aptly named as “Kobi Pokkhe Thakurbarir 14 Poder Thali“,this would be available at the restaurant till the entire month of May.


The thali comprises of Bhaat (Rice), Polayu, Aam Aada Diye Dal, Mourola Macher Piyaji, Sol Bhagun Bharta, Illish Macher Matha Diye Poi Saak, Aam Jhingey Posto, Sosha Narkel Diye Chingri, Kacha Lonka Dhone Patta Diye Chicken Or Mutton, Chatni, Papad, Rabri, Chandra Pulli and Paan. The menu has been curated very carefully keeping the summers in mind. Hence, some of the things on the menu like “Aam Diye Daal” and “Shosha Narkel Chingri” were included knowing their benefits as coolants. The best part about the food at Lokahaar would be the low spice content. It almost reminded me of home cooked food. In fact, everything there is freshly cooked only after one orders.

Pocket Pinch:
The thali is priced at Rs 690 inclusive all taxes

The thali would be available at Lokahaar till 31st May.


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