The Wedding Style Stolen from a Greek Goddess

Image Greek Style featured image

To be honest, we have seen enough of the Disney-inspired wedding dresses which essentially trap a woman in a firm corset and limit her ability to move normally with wires and underskirts. Instead of imprisoning the woman’s body, Greek goddess style enhances her femininity and gently embraces her figure. It is the ultimate romantic look and therefore the ultimate wedding style, for the bride and her guests too.

Greece itself is an absolutely amazing country with rich history and ancient culture in which beauty was considered very important, so it is no wonder we turn to it for inspiration when it comes to styling such an important event.


The Divine Dress Inspiration

The inspiration for a Greek goddess dress is in most of the cases an ancient clothing style –chiton, which was worn by the goddess of love herself – Aphrodite. The different styles of chiton throughout history offer a very wide range of different wedding dresses (sleeveless and fasten at the shoulder, with long sleeves, etc.). Other inspiring piece is peplos (long garment tied around the waist and at the shoulders), worn by the goddess of strength – Athena.

Image Greek Style 01


Following the Footsteps of the Goddesses

Now you are probably wondering what to do with these history facts. Well, they should serve as an inspiration in your search for the perfect dress. If you want a Greek-inspired gown, you should look for natural breathable fabrics, like silk, linen and cotton or soft and flowing such as chiffon, organza, tulle and gauze, to reflect a feminine look.

Image Greek Style 02

As for the very style of the dress, the designers have worked so hard to give you a variety of options, from high to low back, sleeves to no sleeves, a short or sweeping train, etc. A girdle on your dress would be a nice ornament. If you want to make the wedding a “whole package”, choose the similar style bridesmaid dresses for your friends.


The Olympus-Worthy Hairstyle

A hairstyle inspired by Greek goddesses is something between heaven and earth – it looks like a braid, but when you look closer it is not, it has volume, but it is also modest, etc. Some variants of this hairstyle are loose updo, hairstyle with elements of plaiting, low loose braid, and slightly plated curls.

Image Greek Style 03

Greek-bride hairstyle is a true classic, rather than just a trend, since it represents true femininity, glamour and perfection. This kind of hairstyle can be elevated with hair accessories, such as flowers, headband, tiara, olive halo hairpiece, etc.


One More Step to Immortality

Of course, you will need to finish up that look with some appropriate accessories. There are three words that can describe Greek-inspired jewelry: gold, conspicuous and ornamented. Just plain gold is rare when it comes to Hellenic accessories, and you will find yourself captivated with fabulously embellished pieces, such as feather ring, serpent infused bracelet, collar-style statement necklaces, and even some weird-looking pieces like two-winged griffin on a bracelet.

Image Greek Style 04

A very often and a very interesting jewelry piece you can wear on your big day (it would be interesting for all the bridesmaids and the maid of honor to wear it too) is a gold upper arm cuff. Now, do not allow yourself to be under the spell of so many wonderful accessories, and opt for only one statement piece, and, if you want several small inconspicuous pieces.

One last tip: make sure the color palette you choose is consistent with the overall wedding theme. Greece is the country of natural shades of cream, delicate pastels, striking blue and white and, of course, olive green. Now go enjoy the most beautiful day of your life, when everything you are supposed to be is a goddess.


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