#Nomnom : Bengali Food Festival at Novotel

Being a trueblooded “Baangal” who happens to be very particular about her food, nothing looks prettier than a well laid out meal consisting of “Paaturi”, “Shorshe Ilish”, “Tel Koi” and “Mangsho”. The Bengali Food Festival at Novotel Hotels and Residences has definitely managed to make this foodie happy with all of it present in the menu.

The week-long food festival on account of the Bengali New Year has put together some of the most loved Bengali dishes in one place. We were welcomed with a glass of Jal Jeera which was all i needed, thanks to the soaring mercury levels. For starters, we were served “Aloo Bora” (Potato Fritters) and “Chhana Bora” (Cottage Cheese Fritters). I alsolutely loved the Chhana Bora, which is normally my favourite. The main course included Rice with “Tomato Pora” and “Aloo Shedhho Pora”. Being a Bengali, my love for Potatoes is absolutely justified. The Tomato Pora however was something I had not tried before and was quite an interesting team with rice. The rest included Daal, Sabzi, Chicken Korma, Mutton and Fish Paaturi.  The Chicken Korma was delicious but surprisingly it was the Mutton that stole my heart. To tell you, I have never been fond of Mutton, yet I craved for a second helping for this one. The meat was extremely tender and pretty mildly cooked yet devoid of the quintessential smell (which I usually dislike).



The best part of the entire meal had to be the dessert. The sweet tooth in me loved every bit of the Mishti Doi, Rasamalai, Nolen Gur Creme Caramel, Malpua Cheesecake and the rest. If I had that everyday, I would definitely die a very satisfied soul.


The Bengali Food Festival is on at Novotel Hotels and Residences till April 23rd 2016. The buffet is priced at 1423 INR + taxes per person. Well, did you notice something? The buffet price has been kept the same as this new year in the Bengali Lunar Calendar!

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