Amazing Heart Shaped Islands You Didn’t Know Exist

Spending your honeymoon on a beautiful island is just perfect. That is what all the brides say until they realize that there is one thing more romantic – spending the honeymoon on a beautiful, heart shaped island. It does not mean that you will have to wander around the world in search for this kind of island – somebody already did that for you. Heart shaped islands are all over the world and here is a list of the most gorgeous ones.

Galesnjak, Croatia

This is a privately owned island that is positioned in the Pasman channel in the Croatian waters of Adriatic. It is a small island between the Pasman island and Turanj, town on the mainland. The island is not populated and there are no facilities there. So, if you really want to go there, make sure that you have accommodation somewhere else, and organize a picnic there.

 Isla Corazón, Argentina

There is a beautiful Mascardi lake in the Argentinian part of Patagonia. In the middle of its bright, blue waters, there is a small heart shaped island, covered with green vegetation. It is really small and the vegetation is rich and lush, so it is best if you stay on one of the hilltops that surround the lake and observe its unique shape. You can only spot it if you go to the east point. If you want to get a bit closer, you can go kayaking and do just that.

Harbor Island, Maine, USA

The gem of the Maine’s coast is the beautiful little heart-shaped island in the Buck’s Harbor with Brooksville as the nearest town. The island can be visited, but there are no facilities there. However, there is a lovely marina and the yacht club on the shore, so you can go there and watch the island from there. This island is not only available for a visit, but it is also for sale if you have around two million dollars to spare.

Voh, New Caledonia

New Caledonia
On the northwest of New Caledonia, you will find the “Coeur de Voh”. It is a natural shaped heart island with a lot of lush vegetation. It belongs to the French part of the Pacific Ocean. It is too big to be seen from the land, so the best suggestion would be to make yourself comfortable in the charming town of Voh during your New Caledonia travel and take a day to hike on the top of a mountain and see the island’s true shape.

Heart Reef, Australia

Heart reef is the part of the grand and amazing Great Barrier Reef. It is, actually, a small atoll among the reefs and you cannot spot it from the water. However, there are many options to explore the Great Barrier Reef. Two of them are the helicopter or a seaplane ride. Make sure that you book some of those and direct the pilot to take you above this cute natural formation.

Tupai, French Polynesia

As a part of the Leeward Islands in French Polynesia, you can discover a small and lovely atoll in the shape of a heart. That is the Tupai island that is famous among the lovers. The best part is that it now has its own airport, so it is easy to reach it. Since it has a water surface inside it that is also shaped as a heart, it looks like a land outline of a heart, and that makes it even more beautiful.

Some of these are quite distant from your home, while others can be just a couple of hours by plane. Decide if you want to do something absolutely exotic and travel to the other part of the world for your romance, or do you want to do something sensible and save some money. These islands are peppered all over the world, so take your pick and book your perfect honeymoon or a romantic getaway.

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