#Nomnom : Wall Street Bar Review

The City of Joy has seen a lot of creativity and experimentation in the recent months in terms of Gastronomy. One of these places is the Wall Street Bar at Shakespeare Sarani. True to its name, derived from the famous Financial Street of New York, this new lounge has been hustling with people. Dimly lit, this space is the landmark of entertainment with the cuisines like Chinese, Continental, Italian, Burmese specializing in Italian and Burmese. The eatery launched its new food and beverage menu with the inclusion of a dedicated non-veg segment in the menu.


Recommended dishes:
Thai Curry,
Khao Suey,
Baked Wontons with Pocket Cheese,
Mexican Rice Sizzler in veg and Ginger
Chicken Strips,
Cranberry Barbeque Chicken Balls,
Mexican Grilled Chicken Tacos, 
Dahi Murg on Skewers,
Bhetki Cupcakes,
Rum BBQ Chicken,
Bhuna Masala Chicken Wigs served with burnt garlic rice

I particularly loved the Bhetki Cupcakes and the Chicken strips.

Photo 8

Cheese Fondue

Ginger Chicken Stripes

Chicken Wonton Cups

Gandhraj Basil Mojito

They also have some great options in their beverage menu. I would recommend the Five Tonic Tea, one of their in-house drinks, a lovely variation of the Long Island Iced Tea.

Besides good food and drinks, the gastro pub has designed special nights like Karaoke Nights on Wednesdays, Live Band on Thursdays, Ladies night Out on Fridays, Switch Night underground music on Saturdays, Standup comedy nights on Sundays. The eatery offers happy hours from Sunday to Friday from 3pm to 8pm.

Pocket Pinch :
The eatery offers its best from 1pm to 12am and the food is comfortably priced at Rs. 800 plus taxes per pax.

Wall Street Bar is located on Shakespeare Sarani, beside BK Market.

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