#Nomnom : Vintage Kolkata in Calcutta Retro

If there is a Vintage Era ever comparable to the “Roaring 20s”, it would be the “1960s Calcutta”. If the Roaring 20s were all about opulent parties and abundant alcohol, Calcutta in the 1960s was way ahead than any other contemporary city. Park Street, Race Course, Night life and unmatched intellect, the city had it all. Catering to similar nostalgia, the Camellia group has come up with a unique concept to add to the creative eateries of the City of Joy, “Calcutta Retro“. The restaurant is a part of the Agora Club at the new Axis Mall in Rajarhat. My favorite part of the decor would be the walls painted with characters from Sukumar Ray’s “Abol Tabol”, something every Bengali child has grown up with. The restaurant gives a beautiful 1960s Calcutta vibe and would take you for a nostalgia trip to the “fish fry on a park bench” era.


The Cuisine at Calcutta Retro is a right mix of Anglo Bengali. They have tried to incorporate the Colonial influence in Bengal in their cuisine. The cuisine ranges from the Fish Fry and Luchi Mangsho of Calcutta to Continental Potato Wedges.


The Chef, formerly from London makes sure the food tastes as authentic as possible. I particularly loved the continental part of the cuisine.

Beautiful ambience with a vintage theme. The service though pretty great could have been a slight more prompt.

Pocket Pinch
Around Rs600 per person without alcohol

Overall Experience
A very quirky restaurant with good food. I would definitely recommend if you wish to try out a new place.


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