#Nomnom: Royal Relish, Jodhpuri Food Festival at Novotel

Bengalis have always known to be experimental with their taste buds and to cater to it, the City of Joy has been home to a lot of food festivals in recent times bringing in cuisines from all over. Novotel Kolkata is hosting one such festivals, Royal Relish presenting the Royal Cuisine of Rajasthan from the kitchen of Maharaja Gaj Singh II of Jodhpur from March 12th to March 20th 2016 (7 pm till midnight). The entire course is being curated by Chef Rehman and his team, a well known personality when it comes to different Indian cuisines. His ancestors have served the royal kitchen of Awadh and Chef Rehman himself has been travelling worldwide with his mastery in Awadhi, Rampuri, Rajasthani and various other Indian cuisines.


“In today’s world, Indians are open to trying every kind of Global cuisine, be it Thai, Japanese, Italian or Chinese. But I personally feel nothing can match up to the beauty of Indian food, be it North Indian or anything else”, says Chef Rehman. “When I started off with Awadhi, I spread it well from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Then I went on to work with lesser popular cuisines like Rampuri, followed by Kashmiri and now the Royal Rajasthani cuisine.”

Our thali consisted of the famous “Laal Maans”, “Daal Baati Churma”, “Ghwar Phali Sabzi”, “Gatte ki Sabzi”, “Maans ke Boote”, “Mirch ke pakode”, “Paneer Tikka”, “Papad Paneer ki Sabzi”, “Kachodi” and “Kesariya Ghewar”. Unlike most of Rajasthan which is inclined towards vegetarian food, the royal kitchen of Jodhpur loves it’s meat. It is very interesting to know that Rajasthani food does not come defined in a course of meal. All of it is served together in a thali and could be eaten in absolutely any order. Also, the tastes and recipes quite vary across different regions in Rajasthan.



As for the Jodhpuri ambience, the Square, Novotel has made sure you get the taste of Rajasthan in every sense. The royal cuisine will be accompanied by Rajasthani folk music. The entire place has been done up with Rajasthani puppets and Bandhej along with a corner for “Lac Bangles” of Rajasthan.


Do drop in at the Square, Novotel for a taste of the Royal Kitchen of Jodhpur.

The festival is on from March 12th to March 20th.
Time: 7 pm onwards
Cost (per person): 1950 INR + taxes



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