Woman with Multiple Personalities, feat. Ethnik Yarn

“Everybody thinks if you do one thing, you can’t do something else. So I like the fact that I can be versatile if I want to.”
Denise Van Outen

Growing up in a culture where the Divine Goddess is portrayed with ten hands, the ability to multi process, I would say, runs in our veins. On that note, I would give my Bengali upbringing credits for my versatile nature. As a ritual, every Bengali child gets mandatorily trained in more than one form of art (in my case, art, music and dance). Hence, being versatile is in a way imbibed within us.

After passing out of high school, I had almost made up my mind to study Fashion or Journalism. Somehow, my scores and indecisiveness got the better of me and I ended up in an Engineering College. Four years of Electronics and Communications made me realise that it was high time I started feeding my soul (and Dialifestyle was born). My job as a Systems Engineer definitely earns me bread and butter, but Blogging rejuvenates me. My contrasting lives at times make me feel like someone with multiple personality disorder, only in a good way. The very fact that I get to nurture both my body and soul makes me feel empowered. Versatility is my super power.

My Engineer-turned-Blogger life has made me meet a lot of lovely people, Kasturi, creative director and owner of Ethnik Yarn, being one of them. Only after knowing her and Ethnik Yarn, I realised how sharing your personality with someone feels like. Ethnik Yarn to me is like a long lost twin, sharing similar versatility. Ethnik Yarn, born out of love for magnificent weaves and rural art is a right mix of practical and fashionable. Quite like me, it is a melange of traditional and contemporary. Handwoven scarves, linen Saris, Kaantha embroidery…Ethnik Yarn has something for every woman, be it the minimalistic  corporate, the lover of intricate detailing or the traditionally modern. Deriving inspiration from Western fashion, Ethnik Yarn has incorporated Desi-ness into their Scarves, Crop Tops and Jackets.

2016-03-06 12.22.12
2016-03-06 12.25.00
2016-03-06 12.23.55
2016-03-06 12.24.30
2016-03-06 12.27.07
2016-03-06 12.30.43
2016-03-06 12.28.42
2016-03-06 12.31.32

I am wearing:
Saree : Ethnik Yarn
Neckpiece : Habeeb Mullick and Son
Nose Clip : DIYed

Styling by Kasturi Guha
Photography by Darshana Banthia


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