Life-changing tips for amazing outdoor movie party

Unlike going to the cinema, throwing an amazing movie party at your home can be easy, cheap and much more fun. All you need is some good food, comfy seats, awesome movie and a bunch of your closest friends. So if you are a movie geek, this is the perfect event you can plan and organize on your own.

Image outdoor movie party 01

Gather Ingredients for the Snacks

Watching a movie with no snacks is not the complete experience. You can go with traditional popcorns and make lots of them for everybody’s taste, or think of your own themed snacks. Gather up some candy that everyone may like, and if you plan on making any mini sandwiches or S’Mores Cookies, buy all the ingredients and make them a day earlier.

Also, you cannot forget about some refreshing drinks, such as root beer, beer, sodas and water so everyone can enjoy comfortably. To avoid any getting up for more snacks and drinks, arrange someone to occasionally stroll around and offer them, or you can do it yourself.


Arrange Seating

When it comes to seating arrangements you do not have to buy the most expensive outdoor furniture only for this occasion. The things you have will do just fine. You can arrange chairs for people who like sitting during the movie, or you can have a more relaxed arrangement such as bean bags, blankets and cushions on the grass. Have as many options as possible, and everyone will find their perfect spot. Also, have a few tables and mini cooler at your hand, so the food and drinks are easily accessible.

Image outdoor movie party 02


Have the Right Equipment and a Movie

If you are planning on having a big movie party, then the basic equipment you need are a movie player (DVD or simply a computer), a white screen (which can be easily made out of white sheets), a projector and a sound system. To get the cinema atmosphere, try to put speakers in at least four corners of your yard and get the quality surround system. However, if all this is too complicated for you, or the party is not so big, you can simply set up a television set or a computer in your yard and provide some louder speakers.

Along with the equipment goes a good movie that anyone would like to watch. It can be a classic movie that everyone agreed on or you can make parties for some newer movies and their sequels.


Arrange Soft Lighting and Décor

The dark atmosphere is certainly the best for watching a movie, especially on the projector. However, not everything has to be dark and gloomy. To set up a pleasant atmosphere you should light up a few candles. Also, a little bit of light can help people navigate if they have to get up and get some food or go to the bathroom. You can hang up themed lanterns on nearby trees or use your outdoor lighting fixtures to light up some corners of the yard.

Image outdoor movie party 03

Create your own lighting system and use themed decorations to make your yard friendlier. If you are creative enough and like your creations you can leave them there during the whole summer and embrace interesting and modern garden ideas and make your garden your favorite place in the world.


Fight against the Bugs

On hot summer days, the most annoying things that can spoil the mood and a movie party are various bugs and insects. With that many people in one place, the mosquitoes might have at this buffet and ruin the night. Light up as many as possible citronella candles and set up a bin with a few unscented bug sprays so people can protect themselves from these pests.  

If you are true host and like throwing big movie parties, take these advices into consideration and you will rule the summer with the best movies and atmosphere.

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