Diet Secrets from Celebrity Mums

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Pregnancy carries with it much joy and it changes your life forever, for the better. It also carries a few extra pounds and sometimes we do not know how to deal with them. Looking at some celebrity hot mamas, such as Jessica Alba and Halle Berry, we cannot help but wondering how do they do it? These ladies look gorgeous in their expecting days, because they are devoted to a healthy and balanced diet, meditation and yoga, all of which has a positive influence on their overall health and appearance.

Here are a few secrets you can steal from these moms to look amazing in and after your pregnancy.


Halle Berry – The Magical Number 5

Halle Berry is definitely one of the most attractive ladies of Hollywood, but besides being that, she is also the proud mother of two, who looked amazing during her expecting days and after delivery. Because she is a fitness fanatic, she worked out until she was in her seventh month, and she has followed a low-sugar and low-fat diet. Also, when it came to dropping the baby weight she followed a 5-factor fitness plan – 5 meals a day, 5 ingredients for 5 weeks.

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Erika Heynatz – Smaller Meals – More Regularly

The model/actress/singer/TV personality/mom truly looked amazing in her expecting days. She credits a balanced diet for that. Heynatz divided her meals into: breakfast (hot water with juice of one lemon and chia seeds + simple nutritious meal, such as avocado, burrito, salsa, vanilla protein smoothie, etc.), mid-morning snack (nuts, berries, almonds), lunch (light salad with plenty of protein), afternoon snack (popcorn or fruit) and dinner (rich source of protein – grilled chicken, salmon with veggies, etc.).


Jessica Alba – Sensible Indulging

This stunning actress knows that women deserve to indulge themselves from time to time during pregnancy, and there is no woman in the world that does not have cravings during that period. So, an occasional cheesecake or chocolate is not a major sin, if you compensate it with a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables. You should also keep in mind that is important to eat food rich in calcium so that the baby gets sufficient amounts of this essential nutrient. There are many natural calcium sources, such as leafy green vegetables, dairy products, sesame seeds and nuts.

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Kim Kardashian – Everything Is Planned

Kim Kardashian hired a nutritionist to take care of her diet plan. The diet expert changes her meal plan every day and keeps Kim away from unhealthy snacks. That does not mean that you need to hire an expert, but that you can plan your meals by yourself. As Kim, make sure you start your day with a healthy breakfast, cut sodium intake, drink a lot of water, eat homemade lunch and dinner and indulge just occasionally in some low-sugar desserts and beverages.
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Mila Kunis – Parental Yoga and Occasional Cravings

The lovely actress maintained a stunning figure during pregnancy days by attending parental yoga classes. Parental yoga combines meditation, dance and safe poses for expecting mothers to help them stay fit and, at the same time, connect with their unborn babies.

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As for food, Kunis consumed a lot of green leafy vegetables which are packed with calcium and many other important nutrients which are essential for baby’s healthy development. Of course, the actress could not escape occasional pregnancy cravings, so she indulged in burgers and Mexican food, but she also compensated that with yoga and low-impact aerobic exercises.

Those were some of the answers to the eternal question of “how do they do it”. Hopefully they will help you shine through your expecting days.


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