Most Adventurous Activities in Australia You Have to Try

When going on vacation, most people choose locations that will allow them to do calming activities, so that they can rest from stress in their everyday lives. However, some consider going on a vacation as no short of going on an adventure. Here, they intend to do things they would normally never dare to and experience things they never believed they would. When it comes to this, Australia truly is a place like no other. With this in mind, here are some of the most dangerous activities in Australia that you most definitely must do at least once in your lifetime.

Bridge Climb in Sydney

Bridge Sydney

Sydney Harbour Bridge is without doubt one of the most recognizable structures in Sydney, second only to its Opera House. One of the greatest (and definitely most extreme) activities, available to tourists in Sydney is a chance to climb to the top of this bridge. Not only does this present one with an adventure of a lifetime but it also provides them with a great story. From that point on, every time this famous bridge comes up on TV, newspaper or in a conversation you will be able to proudly say that you stood at its highest point.

Shark Diving in Sydney

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Most people consider themselves to be immensely brave. However, only when you look directly into the eyes of the danger will you know your real worth. Because of this, shark diving in Sydney’s vicinity is a great opportunity, since nothing makes blood flow faster in your veins than being face to face with one of the Earth’s most dangerous predators. Even though you will be protected with a reliable cage at all times, being this close to a real shark without giving in to panic is something only the bravest can hope to accomplish. Test this theory for yourself and see what you are made from.

Skydive above the Great Barrier Reef

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The Great Barrier Reef is by far the largest living thing on our entire planet and as such is a sight to be seen. Even though you can see it in many different ways, it is a completely unique impression to observe it from bird’s eye view. This is why skydiving above the Great Barrier Reef is such a great and unforgettable adventure. In order not to be misinterpreted we need to emphasize one thing, skydiving is always an adventure, regardless the location, but with the right setting it can be so much more.

Daintree Rainforest Zip-line


You do not necessarily need to be miles up in order to get some adrenaline pumped into your veins and admire the sight at the same time. A run-of-the-mill zip-lining will do as well. Of course, you will be closer to the ground but the speed at which you will descend down that line will be incredible indeed. Same as with skydiving however, zip-lining requires an optimal location in order to unleash its full potential. Here, Daintree, one of the Australia’s most enchanting rain forests, is your safest bet.

Surfing in Sydney


As largest and the most recognizable Australian city, Sydney is naturally its most appealing touristic destination as well. While it is true that it is rich with history, culture and amazing view, its greatest ace in the sleeve are still its beaches of unmatched beauty. Apart from being great for swimming and sun tanning, Sydney beaches are amongst the most popular surfing hotspots in the world as well. So, while you are at it, why not try your skill at this. However, first you will need a proper gear and here Natural Necessity can be of an invaluable assistance.

SkyPoint Climb in the Gold Coast


As well as Sydney the amazing Gold Coast is a sight to be seen. However it is highly unlikely that you will get enough time to see everything. That is, unless you decide to cheat. By mustering your courage to climb an observatory SkyPoint you can enjoy the view that reaches further than you could possibly imagine. A sight which if seen once will most definitely never be forgotten.

Bungee-jumping in Cairns


Now, when one mentions the word extreme, most people immediately think about bungee-jumping. When it comes to it, one of the most interesting bungee-jumping locations in whole of the Australia is situated just outside of Cairns. You will never know what you are capable of unless you keep pushing yourself to the limits.

Regardless of how elaborate list one composes it can never encompass all the adventures that you could possibly embark on in Australia. Doing any of the above mentioned things will most definitely be a memory for a lifetime, one to be told and retold for ages to come.

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