#Nomnom : Pocket-Friendly Fine Dining at Jaisalmer

Striking the perfect balance between good food and ambience keeping the price economical may prove to be quite a tricky affair. Yet, Jaisalmer manages to do it perfectly. Located strategically at Sector 5 (Globsyn Buildings), this fairly new restaurant has gained popularity amongst the Corporate Babus of the City of Joy. This sprawling 2 floored dining space has unmatched ambience, done extremely tastefully. Offering both buffet and a-la-cartè, the food is pretty good, especially at the price it offers.

#Nomnom mentions :
Chicken Lasooni Kebab
Chicken Pahari Kebab
Mutton Raan






I would give this place full marks for the ambience. It is even better than some of the more pricier places in the city.

Globsyn Building, Sector 5

Cuisines offered:
North Indian, Mughlai, Pan Asian

Pocket Pinch:
500 INR per person (approx.)

Final Report:


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