#Nomnom: Irish House Kolkata launches new menu

The City of Joy has hugely developed in the past year in terms of pubs and night life. With places like Irish House opening up, the city dwellers have a lot of great options when it comes to hanging out at someplace happening. Irish House recently launched a whole new revamped menu which include great options in food and drinks. The wide range of food definitely marks this place above the rest.

Here is what got introduced :


Sweet Potato Fries
Pork Cigars
The Irish Couch Potato Burgers
Shroom Melt and Cheese Grilled Chicken
Mac and Cheese Pasta
Jalapeno Fondue
Our Old Man Pie
Dublin High steak
Angry Bird
Mac and Cheese Fries
Two Faced Chicken Skewers
Skewered Cottage Cheese
Headless Chicken Platter
Hummus Platter
Herbivores basket
Belfast Chicken Wings
Chilli Corn Carne
Hot Headed
Pesce Fritters
Topsy Turvy Apple Cinnamon Cake
Devilish Chocolate Brownie
The Chocolate Torte

Minced Up

The Irish Couch Potato

The Sloppy Pig Out

The Melting Pot (Beer Fondue)


Melon Brain Freeze
Strawberry Mango Blitz
Green Appletini


Green Goblet
Irish Terminator
Irish Tea Party
Seven Island Iced Tea
Bohemian Queen

The Green Goblet

Irish House Signature Cocktails

Flaming S'mores

Personal recommendations :
Angry Birds- if you are a non-spicy person, this is not for you
Mac and Cheese Pasta
Topsy Turvy Apple Cinnamon Cake

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