Must Have Travel Essentials

Traveling is awesome! There was a saying I saw that said “If traveling were for free, you’d never see me again”, so true! Anyway, regardless of where you are going and for how long, packing is definitely the most stressful thing and a huge mood downer, especially when you are pressed for time.

Since I’ve traveled a lot for an enviable number of years, I’ve mastered the best ways to pack things up quickly and keep the luggage light. This is why I’ve decided to give you a few must-do advices on packing and make your life easier:

Nowhere without toiletries

Wet-wipes are the best invention in the world when it comes to traveling adventures. Sure, you’d normally use them for babies, but they are a quick and effective way to clean yourself up quickly.
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You’ll need them in numerous situations – for cleaning dirty hands, to wipe the sweat off your face, to freshen up for those “sorry, no shower here” moments, etc. Dry shampoo for instant hair washing is such a useful item as is packing quality mascara, hydrating lip balm, concealer and neutrally toned eye shadow. Toothbrush and toothpaste as well as your deodorant are also a must.

Combinable and trendy clothes

No matter how long you are staying or what occasion you are traveling for, be reminded that you can’t bring your whole wardrobe. Also, holiday isn’t the time to experiment with styles or bring that dress/trousers/whatever that you never wear just because you are going somewhere new. Stick to simple yet stylish and practical pieces you know you look good in.
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Bring a few pieces that are combinable with one another and work just fine. As for shoes, depending on the type of your travel, bring what’s suitable for the both the season and the occasion. Also, your clothes should be versatile – be sure to pack versatile clothes such as a jumper if it gets cold, a rain coat and a scarf that can be used as a head wrap. Stay true to your style, always!

Don’t forget the passport, money and visa

Nothing will ruin your holiday like forgetting to pack your passport and visa, or packing them with the clothes so you can’t access them. So, make sure they are the first thing you pack and bring them with your personal luggage. FYI, make sure your passport and visa are up to date!
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Also, bringing money is essential to any trip. Don’t rely on your credit cards as they may not be valid in the city you are visiting.  You want to have cash with you, at all times. Keep half of it in your bag, while the other half should be in your personal luggage. A great way to always keep an eye on your mine is through the amazing Trippeo travel expense phone app that will help you find the nearest ATM, check on flight changes, and all other traveling stuff.

Camera and phone vibes

Every exciting holiday simply needs to be documented on camera, otherwise – the memory of it will fade after some time and you won’t have anything to remind you of it.
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If you want to give your head some rest and not look at your phone, that’s cool, keep it at the bottom of your bag just don’t make a mistake of traveling without a phone. You never know what urgency may happen and you won’t be able to contact anyone about it. Also, don’t forget to bring a charger!

So, when are you leaving?


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