Best Tips For New Year’s Party Makeup

Dear ladies,

It’s that time of the year when we are going collectively crazy about the upcoming holidays in terms of what party to go to, what to wear, what makeup to opt for, who to bring along, etc. While most people will say they hate New Years because of the forced idea of a celebration and a fake promise of a new beginning, the whole thing isn’t really about that – it’s about giving yourself the reason to celebrate your current life, praise all the good decisions you’ve made in this year and be happy about the choices you’ll make in the year to come! Sort of a fresh start, on a global level!

This is also the time when we want to look our best. This is why we’ve decided it’s best we selected a few of our favorite makeup looks to give you an idea on what you could actually opt for yourself. Read the tips below and let us know which one you’ll choose and why!

Eye makeup

Go gold or go home

For all the ladies with brown eyes (or even dark green), gold eyeshadow are a perfect compliment as it will emphasize the color of your eyes and make them pop.
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Getting the perfect “gold look” is pretty simple; first, prime your eyes and add brown eyeshadow to the crease. Draw a line to create a cut crease by using a winged liner brush. Then, make sure there are no harsh lines by blending the cut crease line using a blending brush. The clean any “messiness” up, apply concealer underneath the cut crease to clean it up. To give your eyes drama, apply gold glitter eyeshadow on the lid and then some black gel liner (liner is optional). Naturally, you’ll want to finish the look with false eyelashes and highlight the brow bone.

Smokey and seductive

Getting your eye makeup just so it fits your eye shape and color is always a challenge, but once you master it – you’ve got the skill for life. Since Kim K. brought it back, black smokey eye hasn’t stopped trending. We love the rich, matte look with a pop of gold/silver in the inner corners of eyes.
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It’s important to apply an eye shadow base first before you apply the black layer of shadow. By creating a smooth surface, you’ll ease the blending process.

NOTE: If you prefer natural makeup, opt for a liner with a glittery structure (gold/silver) or a colorful one on a neutral eyelid base. Add drama with a lot of mascara or fake lashes and you are good to go!

Face makeup

Highlight until you drop

It’s true, highlighting does take a lot of our time but it’s worth it! Your skin will radiant and super shiny. Your highlighter should be applied under the eyes, along the nose and under the chin as it acts as a brightener.

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You may also apply a fine line above the eyebrows – this will make your face look slimmer by visually pulling it up. Use your fingers to blend that area. Here’s another trick – to make your lips appear fuller, apply a highlighter to your Cupid’s bow.

Bronzer for blush

To get distinct cheekbones, use a blush that’s a shade or two darker than your natural skin color. After you’ve defined your cheekbones, add bronzer to the apples. This will add drama to your look and make your whole face shine!
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Lip makeup

Full lips are everything
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It’s important to balance out your face makeup with the color of your lips. Never go dark on both lips and eyes as you’ll risk looking too goth instead of dramatic. If you are wearing light eye makeup, go bold on your lips with maroon, cherry, dark purple, bright red. If, however, your eyes were made focus of your face, opt for a toned down lip color like beige, mauve or light brown.

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