Contrast: Feat. The Jade Tree

“The yin and yang of stark contrasts create a notion of a fine balance.”
-Valerie Kent

The mere concept of Contrast is fierce and intriguing. Some even believe it to be essential for existence, the co-existence of matter and anti-matter, while others may term contrast to be complimentary. I believe, “Contrast” is an essential element of versatility or unpredictability. Someone with two contrasting sides to his character is indeed interesting.

Talking about the interesting aspect of “Contrast”, this post features “The Jade Tree”, bringing out versatility in each of their pieces. The Jade Tree is a couture jewelry house specialising in opulent statement pieces. They believe that a statement piece should have the power to stop one on their tracks and even blow one’s mind.

Collaborating with Kinkinee of Gupshup Avenue, the Jade Tree bib necklace has been styled in two contrasting ways. While Kinkinee chose to style it in a carefree fun way, wearing the denim on denim trend, I chose to take it formal. I wanted to incorporate the necklace in my 9 to 5 dressing.











Check out Kinkinee’s outfit details here.

I am wearing:

Necklace: The Jade Tree
Skirt: Myntra
Jacket: Lifestyle
Vest,Sunglasses,Shoes: Thrifted
Bag: Girlfriend, Gangtok

Photographs by Darshana
Concept and Styling: Kinkinee and Pooja

Do you like the looks? Please let us know in the comments below.


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