Product Review: Himalaya Herbals Oil-Free Radiance Gel Cream

If there is one humble brand that has been living up to all my expectations in terms of it’s products, it is the age old Himalaya Herbals. I have already been a loyal user of their Neem Facewash and since recently their haircare range. With minimal promotions and words, this brand does speak through actions. Recently they launched a new range of Premium face creams – Oil Free Radiance Gel Cream,  Day Cream, Night Cream and Anti-ageing Cream.

If you follow my beauty posts, you would be aware of my extremely sensitive skin and how wary I am about each product I use. The Oil Free Radiance Gel Cream has managed to win my heart in the best possible way.


What the brand says:
Himalaya Herbals Oil-Free Radiance Gel Cream is a light and non-greasy, daily-use gel cream that gently hydrates to give an oil-free radiant glow. It is a light gel textured cream enriched with special herbs that provides three essential benefits: Absorbs quickly into skin Hydrates skin Gives skin a natural radiance
Key ingredients: Barbary Fig contains polysaccharides that provide moisture. Winter Melon exhibits antioxidant properties that keep skin healthy, protected and rejuvenated.


Himalaya Herbals has always been popular for being natural with their products. Although this product is not devoid of chemicals, I would say the chemicals are rather harmless. It contains Aqua which works as a base and glycerine which is good for the skin.
Among the complex chemicals, it contains silicones like Cyclopentasiloxane, Cyclotetrasiloxane and Dimethiconol. These silicones usually make the product lubricating and fluid. Research shows that these silicones are safe for the skin though it may have certain anti environmental issues (in case you are inclined to extremely environmental friendly products). The presence of Isopropyl Myristate makes the cream fast absorbing. It also contains Coco-glucoside, a coconut extract which is one of the most gentle products, also used in baby oils.
Besides the chemicals, it contains Barbary Fig and Winter Melon extracts.

Product Texture:
True to its name, the texture is a translucent, white gel. On application, the gel absorbs in the skin within seconds and gives a mild cooling sensation.
The gel gives out a very mild soothing smell which I found rather spicy than floral.



Packaging and Price :
Priced at Rs 250 for 50 g.
The gel comes in a glass jar. The jar contains an additional stopper besides the plastic lid. Since the jar is very compact, it is not very difficult to carry around. But I felt the need for a spatula to use the gel. That would have kept the gel cleaner despite everyday use.


Product experience:
Since I have extremely oily skin, this has become a recent favorite. I use it after getting back home after all day post removing my makeup and washing my face (usually with the Himalaya Herbals Neem Facewash). It gives my skin the required moisture, though there are some days when my skin craves for more moisture. It soothes my skin and the best part, it did not make my skin break out.

What I loved :
Great for sensitive skin
Very light and works as a good makeup base
Reasonably priced, great value for money Mild and soothing smell

What could have been better :
A spatula for using the gel would have been better
Not recommended for dry skin, especially during winters

Yayy or Nayy:
Definitely a Yayy. I am going to stock this up before it finishes. Overall I would rate it 4.5/5

Have you used the Himalaya Herbals Oil-Free Radiance Gel yet? What is your favourite product for winters?


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