Vivel Beauty Dialogue with Kareena Kapoor Khan

Monday, 2nd of November marked a spectacular start to my Sweet November. The reason? I got to meet and interact with none other than the stunning lady of Bollywood, Kareena Kapoor Khan, brand ambassador of Vivel by ITC at a Beauty Dialogue organised by Vivel.

It all started with a call from ITC inviting me to the Vivel Beauty Dialogue with Kareena Kapoor Khan. I assumed it to be a regular press meet, but even the thought of catching a glimpse of the Flawless Beauty had me elated. My excitement knew no bounds when I was told on reaching the venue that it would be a one-on-one interaction. As I entered her suite, slightly nervous, I saw her, sitting regally, smiling at me. I literally pinched myself to reality and instinctively came out a compliment before a “Hello”.



Here are a few highlights from the interaction.

What is your Mantra to such great skin?
Kareena: “I am genetically blessed with good skin. So I never really had to work for it.”

Any special diet that you follow?
Kareena: I am generally a healthy eater. I do not have a huge affinity towards sweet or fried food. But I am a true Punjabi by heart and I need my three proper meals with ghee. I believe ghee is very good for the skin.

What is your go-to makeup routine?
Kareena: My go-to makeup routine would be the Lakmè Eyeconic Kohl Kajal. I always carry it in my bag. Besides that I don’t use any makeup.

Your night skin-care routine?
Kareena: Through the day I drink lots of water. That keeps me hydrated all day. Though I do not particularly use a night-cream or a day-cream , I make sure I remove my makeup before going to bed.

Your advice for the festive season?
Kareena: I would advice doing everything in moderation, be it eating, drinking, going out or staying in the sun.

Any beauty tip that has been passed down to you from you mother that you might like to share?
Kareena: My mother always advises me to crush almonds, mix it with yoghurt and apply it to the skin. It helps in removing blemishes and gives a radiant glow to the skin. My sister still does it, I of course don’t as much as I should *laughs*.

What is your favourite form of stress relief?
Kareena: Chilling at home with my niece and nephew, hanging out with my family. I think that’s the greatest form of stress relief and comfort.

What is your favourite trend this season?
Kareena: I do not really follow trends. I believe comfort is cool. Whether it’s festive or non-festive, comfort is the first thing one should look out for before stepping out.

What is your take on body-positivity?
Kareena: It is of course important to take care of your health and body. But it is more important to feel good. When you feel good, your skin glows. Your mind needs to be clear, your thoughts need to be good, and that is what matters.

Still dreaming of the day, am I? Ohh yes! Cannot thank Vivel enough for making this happen


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