I (Devi) have created all worlds at my will, without being urged by any higher being, and I dwell within them.
I permeate the earth and heaven, all created entities with my greatness, and dwell in them as eternal and infinite consciousness.
— Devi Sukta, Rigveda 10.125.8, Translated by June McDaniel

“Devi”, Sanskrit for Goddess means “heavenly, divine or anything of excellence”. According to Douglas Harper, the etymological root Dev- mean “a shining one,” from *div- “to shine,” and it is a cognate with Greek dios “divine” and Zeus, and Latin deus (Old Latin deivos)

To me, Devi is synonymous to every woman. She is a Giver, Operater and Developer, therefore, GOD. She protects and produces life.

For years we have worshipped the Devi Shakti, yet little did we realise that we were in a way worshipping our own powers. Seldom have we realised the powers that we possess. In today’s world, powers of the Devi goes beyond what has been written through ages. She does what her male counterparts can, and way more. She wears her pants and drapes the sari with equal grace. She has multiple hands which though invisible to the eye, can make or break the world.

Taking you through the two contrasting shades of the Devi.





And here is another contrasting form






I had the gorgeous Sharmistha Guha Chowdhury pose for me in this post.

I am wearing:
Saree: Designed by Mother
Neck-piece: Habeeb Mullick and Son, Darjeeling

On Sharmistha:
Top: Dorothy Perkins
White pants: Mast & Harbour
Bag: Thrifted from Bangkok
Shoes: Ginger, Lifestyle

Concept by Yours Truly, Pooja Dasgupta
Location: The India Story

Research on Devi: Wikipedia


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