Art on Leather: Suede by Devina Juneja

“I dream my painting and I paint my dream.”
-Vincent van Gogh

When it comes to painting dreams, visions and inspiration, no one could do it better than Devina, the lady behind Suede by Devina Juneja.

In today’s world, where fashion has become a part of everyday life and is more than synonymous with “Necessity for the Mass”, Suede by Devina Juneja strikes the perfect balance between style, utility and affordability.  Devina offers bags which speak fashion without being over-the-top. They are mostly hand-painted, subtly colored or in metallic hues, oozing class and sophistication. Devina’s vision as she creates her collection is that every one who believe in Fashion and have their eyes for good quality should be able to afford it.

Suede by Devina Juneja literally offers art on leather, with each bag containing either an incredible texture, a weave or an brilliant ombre. Quality is one of their key focuses. The leather is well processed and all the hardware used in the bag are imported. Each bag is created out of interesting inspirations and have a story to narrate.

Besides bags, Suede also offers beautiful handcrafted leather jewelry which are one of their kind and are a must-add to any fashionista’s wardrobe.

Here are a few of my favourites:

The Blend



The ombre in this collection has been inspired by the fur of Devina’s dog, Coco. How we love the ombre leather neck-piece!

India Skyline


This collection has been inspired by India and it’s diversity. It features the Lotus Temple, Taj Mahal, India Gate and a lot of Indian oomph.

Mixed Weaves



This is a nostalgia trip to Devina’s old collections and hence amalgamates the old and the new. Some of her old weaves have been beautifully fused with some new styles to create these. One of their best selling bags (shown immediately above) belong to this collection.

Brick in the Wall


A textured wall under construction inspired this entire collection. The sombre metallic hues make this one of my favourites.

Tie and Dye


This collection has leather? tied and dyed (yes, you heard that right) with relatively bright colors. The result is what you see, and it nearly is mind blowing.

Suede by Devina Juneja was also a part of the India Story this year and they unveiled one of their new collections for fall, with painted Maple leaves.



You can check out the entire collection of Suede by Devina Juneja at their official website and store. They are also available on Pernia’s Pop-Up Store.

Do let me know your pick in the comments below.

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