Accessorize Yourself For The Upcoming Holidays

When you hear the word holiday the first thing that pops into your mind is relaxing, having a day off and just hanging out with some friends or family, or just simply staying in bed in your pajamas all day. However, if you still have to work on holidays or you decided to go somewhere, you should bring along some lovely accessories to match the holiday spirit.

Thanksgiving outfits

thanksgiving outfit


If you are invited to a Thanksgiving dinner or if you are even hosting one there are some stylish and comfortable outfits you can wear along with some colorful accessories. The most important things to match for this holiday are colors. So colors you should definitely wear are red, yellow, orange or brown. Put on a red pair of jeans and a nice blouse with some golden flakes to match the fall colors. In addition to that put a red necklace and dangle earrings and you are good to go. With this outfit you can match a pair of black high heels or other shoes of your taste and style. Other accessories you can wear are colorful necklaces and bracelets that match the colors of the fall and warm cozy scarves to keep your neck warm but to complete your outfit.

Halloween outfits

halloween outfit


It is common to wear a Halloween costume and not an outfit, but you can “wear” this holiday spirit, too. If you are going to a formal party you can wear a simple red dress with a deep neckline and pair it with black lacked shoes. To complete this outfit you can wear a small black clutch purse and simple black earrings. Also, as a finishing touch you can add a decorative rose flower pin to your hair style. However, if you are attending a less formal party or just simply going out for some drinks, you can always wear casual jeans and sweaters, but put on a warm checked, plain or colorful scarf and some cozy gloves. All these accessories and many other interesting earrings, purses and handbags you can find at Peter of Kensington and fill your holiday outfits with style and fun.

Christmas outfits

christmas outfit


Christmas is a holiday filled with joy and happiness, so your outfits should match this holiday spirit too. Even if it is cold and you can only wear sweaters to keep yourself warm there are numerous accessories that can help you stand out. Get yourself a warm sweater of your favorite color, pair of leggings and nice cozy boots and pair them with some Christmas themed bracelets and necklaces. So you would glow like the Christmas tree you can wear red, green or gold bracelets, purses with some Christmassy prints (like stars or checked print), long necklaces with colorful charms and scarves that match your outfit for the day. You can even wear a Christmas themed scarf that your grandmother knit for you.

So, if you choose any of these outfits or any similar ones, you cannot go wrong. By putting together all these colors and accessories you are ready to go to any holiday party you are invited, or just simply walk down the street looking ready for the holiday season.

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