There’s No Party Like a Celebrity Themed Party

Birthday night should definitely be one of the craziest and most memorable nights in a year. Celebrities are the perfect example how partying hard can look like. However, we, the common people, do not have the opportunity to go to an exotic island and rent an entire complex for hundreds of guests. Nevertheless, we can still make our birthday parties as wild and unforgettable.

celebrity birthday

Theme Me Up!

There are so many possibilities for you, but let us start with the one especially popular among celebrities. A theme night. You know how Hugh Hefner adores making a Casablanca evening for his birthday, right? Well, try following his example or at least get inspired to find your own theme.

If you are not a movie theme fan, choose the 60s as a theme, and ask everyone to come dressed as flower children. Serve famous beverages, and food of the time, decorate the room in rainbow colors, and do not forget the music that depicts the era perfectly. Colorful, hippie and extravagant. That night will be the one to remember.


If you are “less is more” person, organize a black and white party, instead of having so many colors involved. That is so P. Diddy style. Arrange all the decorations in black and white, starting with tablecloths, table settings, curtains, ribbons, balloons, and all the other embellishments. Moreover, tell all the guests to dress according to the party colors.

Theme parks are not popular only among children but among grown-ups as well. Imagine taking your entire crew on a wild rollercoaster ride, a house of freaks show, and having cotton candy and licorice for dessert. Add a bull ride and arm wrestling to the encore alongside some drinks, and the full on ride to the awesome land can start.


Let’s Get This Party Started

You say party, I say Karaoke! This is some serious embarrassment opportunity. Not only that, but it is as funny as it gets. After a drink, or two or who knows how much, it will not really matter whether you can sing or not. You will all be dancing and goofing around together, so when you gather a few days later to sum up the evening and enjoy all the hilarious birthday images from the party, you will definitely laugh your heads off.

karaoke birthday

It is all about Vegas, baby. The ultimate destination celebrities have had their birthday party thrown, is definitely Las Vegas. Casinos, bars, clubs, and partying until the breaking dawn – that is Vegas all right. If celebrities can do it, so can you. However, it is not cheap to take your entire posse to the Sin City, so organize a casino night at your home or rent a smaller space and make an entire casino themed night, instead.

A party on a cruiser or a yacht really says luxury. However, not all of us are Rockefellers, are we? Therefore, instead of having a huge party, try making a deal with your friends to have a nice fancy dinner on a boat. Instead of getting presents from them, have all of them split the cost of a dinner with you. After all, not everything is about gifts. You will all have an amazing experience cruising the shore, and enjoy each other’s company.

theme park

Be creative, be bold, think big, and rock the party all night long. Have these suggestions as your inspiration and you might even come up with some original ideas of your own. Find out what your friends would enjoy and try to put both yours and their preferences together for the best ambience. Remember, all you need for an unforgettable party is a little bit of creativity, a good mood, and all your friends with you.

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