Top Celebrity Stylish Kids

Fashion is dictated by the privileged few: celebrities with top stylists, and fashion designers who have been around for decades. Whatever you decide to buy and wear, it is likely that a celebrity has worn it first. Nevertheless, there is another group that has a strong influence on fashion, style, and what is perceived as trendy. Believe it or not, it’s all about celebrity kids these past few years.

Celebrity Kids 01

What do children want to wear?

If you ask your kids, they do not really care about what clothes they wear until they turn eight or nine. Until then, they will most likely want to wear superhero costumes and elaborate princess dresses with pink satin flowers and tiaras. This is the reason why you should help them choose their clothes and be their stylist.

Kim and Kanye carefully choose what little North will wear each day so that her mommy and she are all paired up. On the other hand, Brad and Angelina let their daughter Shiloh choose what she wants to wear, and under the influence of her older brothers, she can usually be seen in plain shorts, moccasins, and printed T-shirts, and always opts to wear a tuxedo on a premiere just like her big brothers.

Celebrity Kids 02

Can you dress your child like that?
Not that it’s easy, though; celebrity kids have their own stylists and elegant, designer clothes which cannot be found in just any shop. If your child sees something that celebrity kids wear and wishes to have something similar, you can always find something nice and add a bit of your own style to make it even more special.

Celebrity Kids 03

Luckily, handy websites like offer you a chance to find handsome, elegant, and stylish kids’ clothes which can make your daughter look like Harper Seven in a blink of an eye. Find clothes that resemble those worn by celebrity kids and copy their look easily.

Designer pieces

No wonder people get so obsessed with cute boys and girls wearing killer outfits; just imagine if you had a real Burberry coat at the gentle age of 3, or Dr. Martens boots before you could properly walk. Suri Cruise is known for her beautiful clothes bought at Bergdorf Goodman, North West for her little fur coat and tiny little leather jacket, Harper Beckham for her white drop-waist dress by Chloé, Blue Ivy Carter owns plenty of designer clothes that includes a pair of Tom Ford shoes and beautiful dresses from Jean Paul Gaultier, and Jaden Smith wore all-white Batman suit with a cape to his prom. Talk about style and elegance at their age!

Celebrity Kids 04

Come to think of it, it is no wonder celebrity kids dictate fashion trends: children of Victoria and David Beckham, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, Beyonce and Jay Z are not expected to be anything less than flawlessly dressed. The couples are all famous for their impeccable taste in clothing, and their children will likely keep up the tradition.

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