6 Places in Queensland You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

Around 1,300 international tourists visit Queensland every year. This is the data from the Queensland Government Statistician’s Office, published in September 2015. This means that several new people from all over the world come to visit this place in Australia. The reasons for their visits are various, but if any of them want to experience Queensland in its full splendour, then these 6 places are essential stops on their routes.

Great Barrier Reef

If you only have the time to visit one place in Queensland, make it the Great Barrier Reef. This is the only natural wonder that is visible from space. This amazing wonder is also listed as a part of World Natural Heritage. It stretches along somewhat less than 1500 miles of pure natural wonder. Hundreds of islands and thousands of corals make this an astonishing place for every tourist. Those who are into kayaking, snorkelling and sailing will have even more fun. Every nature lover needs to experience this at least once in their lifetime.

Fraser Island

Another gem from the World Natural Heritage is the Fraser Island. There are two very interesting and distinctive things about it. The first is the fact that this is the biggest sand island in the world and the second is that this is the only place on the planet where the rainforest grows on sand. The wildflowers, creeks, lakes and the rainforest make this island a perfect area to explore. Once you are done with it, you can rest on one of the hundreds of pure white sand beaches.

Noosa Biosphere Retreat

This holiday retreat, just north of Brisbane, is perfect for those who want to rest more than just their tired bodies. This place is a perfect spiritual retreat for those who need to rest their mind and soul. At Noosa main beach, you can go swimming all year long without the big waves and surfing excitement. If you want those, your best bet is Noosa Groyne. At the North Shore, you can swim, surf and fish if you like. However, the biosphere retreat is as much about saving the nature as it is about enjoying it.

Sunshine Coast

This coast is perfect for all those who want to surf, swim, bask under the sun next to the multi-coloured sand dunes and even check out the lovely natural reserves. Sunshine Coast has it all and it justifies its name perfectly. Bird watchers will be thrilled to know that they can roam around the many forests and see some very rare species.

Lamington National Park

While the first thing when you think about Australia’s nature is the ocean and the amazing marine life, there are other ways to explore the nature of Queensland, as well. Lamington National Park is the hinterland of the Gold Coast. This is where adventurous nature lovers come to camp and explore the magnificent views and experience the ancient rainforest. There are walking routes of different difficulty levels, so you will definitely find the best one for you.

Gold Coast

Inland canals, creeks and beaches are the gems of this place. However, this is a busy metropolitan area as well, with lots of interesting theme parks and adventure opportunities. Wet and Wild, White Water, Sea World, Dream World and many others are there to make your stay really fun. If you don’t want all that fuss and you’d rather have some peace and quiet, there are miles and miles of sand beaches all around the Gold Coast.

Picking only one from these six places is really difficult. They are world known and the things to do and see are numerous. Everything from the depths of ocean to the tops of rainforest trees is packed with interesting details to explore. And if you miss the business of the city streets, Queensland has that as well.